Monday, December 26, 2011

Nauseated to the Max

Don't you hate it when you feel so, so, gross and nauseated that you KNOW you're going to throw up, and it's only a matter of time before you do? You just have to wait for the nasty feeling to get worse and worse. Ew, that's my fun little situation right now. I've already done this routine once today- pretty sure it's happening again. I've been feeling horrible all day.

It's really a miracle though, the two days before this I've felt fine. My meds ran out on Thursday and I thought I could just go get a refill that day but I didn't realize I didn't have any refills prescribed for it. I need to wait for them to get a new prescription from the doctor but I should have it ready tomorrow. So I've had to go without this weekend. But luckily I've felt pretty darn good besides the mega tiredness for the Christmas weekend. I had SO much fun with my parents- I'm so lucky they were willing to come here. More about that later.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Da goobs.

Yeah... that's what we call Morgan. Because we can. And he's just such a goob.
Anyways, I wanted to share a few of him latest favorite pastimes.
Here are some things that almost 11 month old Morgan likes to do:

*eat all by himself:

*find new and effective ways of eating:

*run around like a crazy person in his walker:


*work on his mad cruising skills, walking around holding on to stuff:

*get his homeless man look on- from eating black licorice:

*look at books:

*tentatively touch the Christmas tree (don't mind our skirtless tree):

He's just becoming such a little boy now... and somehow getting cuter and cuter.


Let's talk about this pregnancy thing. It's so different this time around. Not only physically, but mentally too. Last time I was pretty much obsessed with the pregnancy. I always knew how far along I was to the day. But this time I'm like, how far along am I now? (Answer: 11 weeks today!) I don't know, it's not a big deal not to know the exact day, it's just different.

But it's such a wonderful, amazing thing, that I do want to think about it more. Our little fetus is a couple inches big now and has all of it's little organs, though they're not fully formed. How cool is that?? We've heard its good, strong heartbeat. The little life inside me can move around and kick already. I know I'm cheesin' it up here, but how amazing is the process of a baby growing inside a person? Even though I can't feel it moving around yet, and I can't feel its heartbeat, I know its alive. Every minute of everyday of my life right now my body is busy growing a baby. 



In other news my mom and pops are coming to visit tomorrow! I'm so excited. I don't think they can fully comprehend yet how much fun they'll have playing with Morgan... :). He's the FUNNEST. They havent seen him since June, I believe. My memory is horrible so I hope that's right. Anyways, I hope they don't mind if the house isn't in perfect order.. ( I know they don't, just I do). Still havent been feeling great but I'm trying to find it in me to get more stuff around the house done.
Wish me luuuck.

PS. Sorry about the new boring look for the blog. I just for kinda sick of the way it looked and changed it- but I don't like it yet.. I'll fix it someday. Soon. 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

I said good day!

I just want you guys to know I had a great day today. So there.
Nothing super exciting, just a visit from a great friend, and I went out and about with my guy (the little one), and he was so great. We went to 3 stores and he was just so fun the whole time. I love love love having a little buddy.
Plus, all the goings ons tuckered him out and I put him to bed at like 7:15 and he's pretty much slept the whole time- just woke up to eat.
Although I do need to wake him up soonish to go pick up dad from his work carpool..  I call Josh "dad" often now. Wieeeerd.
Also on the wierd note, I'm wearing footie pajamas. Thank you Sarah. Josh is weirded out by them- makes sense. But they are oh so soft and comfy.

Don't you wish you had a booty load of money so you could buy super sweet things for your wonderful friends and family? I do.
I was planning on doing all this great sewing and baking and making cool gifts this year but I just have noooot been up for it. I'm still feeling sick- though not as much as before. There have been other quite unpleasant symptoms though lately. I'll spare you the details. But the main one involves the complete lack of ability to preform a very, very, necessary bodily function. Not fun.

 Sorry this is so random and broken. I'm tired. And I do what I want.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Baby #2

I know it's not cute or cool or original in any way... but that's what I am calling the dear little fetus inside me. Yup- for everyone that doesn't know- I'm pregnant! Surprise!

(big rothe? ha, I could NOT get a good picture!)

I've been wanting to blog so bad lately- not particularly about the pregnancy, and I don't even know what about, but I did know that if I blogged I would just have to mention how terrible I've been feeling lately and how hard the past few weeks have been :S.

But at the same time I feel silly for complaining because it's such a wonderful, amazing, thing and Josh and I feel beyond blessed. We seriously do!

But anyways I had my first doctors appointment yesterday. I was really pumped for it, because I wasn't sure how far along I was. I hadn't had a period in like 1 1/2 years (TMI?) due to being pregnant with  Morgan and then taking birth control- and when I stopped taking it just over 2 months ago I got pregnant before I had one.

So aaaanyways, the appointment went so well. I'm glad I went back to the same doctor- I love the nurses and the doc is great. The nurses remembered me- or did a great job pretending they did- and were excited for me being pregnant again. I truly think it was genuine though. Of course they loved seeing Morgan and he flirted it up big time. Josh got to come with me too and that was a HUGE plus.

I was guessing I was between 8-10 weeks and I was right on the money. I'm 9 weeks! Due July 12th. We will have our new little one with us in just 7 months! Wow. I mean it is pretty early in the pregnancy still, but not in the grand scheme of things. Josh and I actually wanted to wait longer to tell people but it's harder to hide when I'm not feeling well.

Here's the little guy/girl~


So back to me feeling not so good basically the past month. I haven't been throwing up a lot- I just have once- but the gross unsettled, nauseated feeling rarely went away. It made me unmotivated and the housework and dinner have suffered GREATLY.  Obviously Morgan has been my priority so I've had to use all my gumption to take care of and play with him.
at my doctor's appointment they hooked me up with some anti-nausea stuff (Zofran) and oh my gosh. Just one day later and I'm feeling SO much better. It's so great not to feel sick! Maybe I'll actually be able to DO stuff! It's so exciting! 

So yeah... that's the big news :)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

I just have to....

Ok, this is SERIOUSLY cliche and probably lame, but I have to do it.

I need to talk about my ridiculously blessed life and try to express how grateful I am for all of it. I'm already having trouble finding words to express how I feel, because it is just so intense. Really, if there is one word I could use about how I feel about my life, it would be grateful.

I'll just try to touch on the essentials here.
First and foremost, I am SO grateful for the relationship I have with my Savior. What indescribable joy it gives me to feel His love and to be close to the Spirit of the Lord. It gives me a confidence about life and gives such deep meaning to family and relationships. This relationship with the Lord gives me an eternal perspective- which helps me to be focused on the things that matter most. And these are the things that bring me the deepest joys.
I am so grateful to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

The only thing that is almost comparable to the first is the relationship I have with Josh. I have never met a man, so good, so loving, so EVERYTHING I could ever hope for in a man.
(p.s. If you are getting sick of me pouring out my little soul, I would stop reading- cause there is so much more!)
Josh's love for me is the most profound thing I have ever experienced. Never has anyone been more concerned about my happiness. He tells me AND shows me every single day that my happiness and well being are of the utmost importance to him. He makes me feel so worthy of his love.
I love him with all that I have and feel like hands down, THE luckiest girl EVER.
It brings me such happiness to make him happy, and he feels the exact same way about me. So basically there's a bunch of happiness bouncing back and forth between us, radiating off of us and forming this immense feeling of joy. Sounds crazy, huh? Nope, it's AMAZING.
I know that some people think of marriage as a restricting thing- the old ball and chain. I would like to completely refute that and tell you this truth- NEVER are you more free to love than in marriage.

If you know me, I'm sure you could guess what comes next. My delightful little boy. I'm so enamored with him. He is a happy, fun, loving boy. I feel like I talk about him ALL the time so I promise I won't go on about him this time. Even though I could. Anytime, anywhere. He brightens up my life and has made my capacity to feel and to love expand exponentially.

I am also SO grateful for my family. The one I grew up in. My parents... are such. good. people. Seriously... they just absolutely don't come any better. To know how loved I am by them touches me very deeply. My siblings also have a big part of my heart. I think about our childhood and how much I love them and enjoy being with them often. I really miss them, and want them to know that so badly. The relationships with my sister and my brother are ones that I strongly desire to strengthen- because I love them. I need to act on that more.
I'm also grateful for the family I married into 2 and a half years ago. I genuinely love being with them and feel so blessed to have these amazing people in my life. Amazing and fun people :). I just love them and feel warmly accepted by them.

And my friends? The ones who really, really, for reals, care about me? They are HUGE blessings in my life. I love and care about them so much, and I think about them every day. Man, I'm just so lucky!

Oh, the list could go on, and on, and on.

I mean, I'm grateful of my sonicare toothbrush, ikea, quality toilet paper, and things of that nature- but I just wanted to touch on those things that matter most.
Things in my life that make my heart literally full to the brim with gratitude.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bath time!

Ok, I know aaaall my posts are about the boy, but you can't expect me to help it.
We had a little photoshoot today... in the bathtub. Classic mom stuff.
But look. how. cute.










Saturday, November 12, 2011


So, I was perusing pictures and videos of M-sauce last night and marveling about how much he's changed over the past 9 months. He's such a little boy now. It's really fun to look back on his newborn pictures and see that funny little lump of a guy who just slept and cried and ate and pooped.

There are literally no words for how amazing it is to see that cute little lump learn and grow. I loved him since I met him. Even before that. But even though it seems impossible, I love him more every single day. Even the kinda tough days of which recently there have been many because of some hardcore teething. Even when he's having a rough time I still feel like he's a innately happy boy with such a bright spirit. Photobucket
He seriously has such a fun personality! I can't begin to explain how blessed I feel.

Looking at the videos was really fun. Here is one from when he's about 2 months, and just starting to smile. It was so exciting- we were really pumped about it. Especially me I guess... sorry about my annoying/spastic talking/whatever I'm doing. My best bud Laura took this video when she was visiting from Washington. It's just so funny to look back on now, because he seems almost catatonic... or like he had a stroke or something. Here is the 2 month Morgan:

And here is the 9 month Morgan:

Fun, fun, fun. He's crawling everywhere now and is always pulling himself up on his knees. It's quite adorable.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Applique Lovin

Hey look what I made!
So cute, huh?
I kinda loooove them.


I would have made more tonight but these onseies are the only ones I had out- the rest were in M-dog's room where he was sleeping. And the boy did nooooot nap today so there was NO way I was going to risk waking him up. It was kinda a long day. I really think those two front teeth are coming in soon! Pretty sure they've been bugging him lately. Poor guy.
But he's also getting SO playful and loves to climb around you while you're holding him and gets way excited to do it. He just wants to go everywhere and touch everything. And eat everything. Except baby food sometimes. But sometimes he likes it.
Oh, also I fed him peas for the first time today! Not the mashed up kind. I think he's ready for more finger foods and less runny stuff.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


The past couple days the boy has been horrible about napping... when he should be napping, we usually find him like this:


Also, a couple days ago I found him standing up and holding on to the side of the crib for the first time! He pulled himself up.

Friday, October 28, 2011

P.S.... I love my little guy...

More than I could possibly express.

He loves to stand up holding on to things now. He can't pull himself up quite yet, but he tries. And when we set him there he gets so excited and usually bounces and giggles with joy.


Yesterday Josh set up his playpen, so we, in our not-feeling-so-good states, wouldn't have to chase him around as he gets into stuff. Also, it keeps his toys contained, instead of having a huge minefield of toys. Legit. I actually didn't think he'd be too keen on it. I thought he'd get sick of being in there pretty fast. But he actually loves it in there and stays content for quite some time. I was impressed.


One last thing. Here is an update on Morgan's kinetic skills.
It takes about 20 seconds before he starts moving, so be patient...
Anyways, is this considered a scoot? An army crawl? I think it's a little mix of both. Whatever it is, it gets him from point A to point B.

More Sniffles

Well, I didn't make it through the Perry sick week unscathed. That night I wrote the last post my throat and head ended up killing me. Anyways, I'm part of the sick club now. At least I can feel included...

Josh is ridiculously good at taking care of me even though he's still a little sick himself. Seriously though, he's so good. He's way better than me at tending to sickies. He definitely has more skills than I do in that aspect of nurturing. He gives me meds and sets a timer and tells me when to take more. He makes me drink a booty load. He's just so hardcore about it. I don't always think to take meds for some reason. I think maybe I don't want to take a lot because they're expensive? I don't know. That's dumb, I know. It's TOTALLY worth it to feel better. I just really appreciate his awareness and caring :).

Basically today I've just sat around all day with Morgan- Josh had to go to work this evening. I actually remembered to take some tylenol today too. Oh yeah. Actually, I'm not gonna lie, I video chatted with my dad and he reminded me... He's a good man.

Morgan was pretty great today, he took 2 good long naps, which was great. The second one was a little later than it should have been- he couldn't sleep because he was hungry but he wouldn't eat. He's still pretty congested so it was pretty tough for him to drink the bottle but he finally did it and took a nice two hour nap, during which I napped as well. Amazing. I should do that more.

I think Morgan really enjoyed seeing Grandpa on the computer today, too. Who wants to video chat with us more?

Also, who wants to play with us more? I mean, I'm sick right now but lately I've been craving more social interaction. I could definitely do more to fix that- talk to my homies more- , but I'm just sayin.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Sickies and Me

What a day. Josh and Morgan were both sick today.

Josh has been sick since Sunday- the sore throat, runny nose, and day of fever thing. Then just yesterday Morgan seemed to catch the bug all the sudden and the poor guy had a fever all day long today, and SUCH a runny nose. I've never seen it pour out like that... (it isn't as gross because he's a baby, right? I won't go into any details of Josh's body fluid excretions.) This is the first time he's ever had a fever and I must say, I've been dreading this day since the guy was born. There's just only so much you can do for a sick baby- it's just so sad. It's heartbreaking to pick up the little guy and feel the heat radiating off of him. Luckily the fever is down now and he feels much more normal.

I just think about when I have a fever and sometimes you feel so cold even though you're burning up, and you want to bundle up, other times you feel way too hot. And there are other things you want and need but you can do them for yourself or ask someone to help you out. I pretty much have NO idea what would be the very best thing for the boy, so I have to guess and try everything. And it's fairly exhausting. But that's how it goes.

I feel like Morgan was a trooper with how gross he must have felt. Josh and I could still get him to play and to smile even though he wasn't quite himself. The biggest issue for him was definitely getting sleep. He didn't sleep for more that 20 minutes all day. I THINK he's finally asleep now. Like, just now. Poor guy.

I feel like I'm doomed to Josh and Morgan's fate, but we shall see. Is it possible not to get it? Probably, but I wasn't like OCD careful about not getting their germs, so... I probably will.

I think my throat is already starting to hurt :S... or is it all in my head because I expect it? We'll see.

Here is a happy Mommy and Morgie moment from today:


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pumpkins and Friends and Babies = Good Times

Mmm fall. It is so delicious. I sure wish it lasted longer. I really, really, do. Beautiful colors, yummy food/lots of baking motivation, and cardigan weather. I'm quite partial to cardigans.
It's fun to go out and fun to stay in. I like that.
We got to hang out with our awesome friends the Senneff's yesterday. We are lucky to know such cool peeps. We went to a pumpkin patch. I love going to pumpkin patches- I think because it's just one of the most fall-ish things one can do.
This one was in Springville, right by where the Senneff's live, so we got to walk there. We had a lot of fun.

One highlight was some furry friends. They were seriously cute. Every pumpkin patch should have a kangaroo, right?

Don't mind the strange man distracting the kangaroo from a baby who has never seen one before, and ruining a great shot...


Some donkey nose picking action:


Another super cool thing was a giant box of corn kernels. Like a sandbox, but a corn kernel box.
Some Joshie legs-Photobucket

This would have been SUCH an awesome shot if I didn't look drunk. Or something.

Morgan was very intrigued.
An excellent photo bomb by Tyler:

And you know with some pumpkins and bales of hay, two of the cutest babies in the world, and Erika and I being the moms that we are, we had to have a little photo sesh.
Here are some of my faves...

We picked out a nice little pumpkin. Morgan loved touching the it- something new and exciting.

Morgan was SO wiped out by the end of it all he completely zonked out in the carseat on the way home- which he never does anymore. He has to be mega tired to fall asleep anywhere besides his crib these days. He went straight to bed when we got home, which was amaaazing because it was like 9 something. And that hasn't been happening lately. It was so great.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Schmorgesborg

        I've been just itching to blog but it's just hard to create a semi-focused topic sometimes. There's always Morgan- being cute and learning and growing and being cute. And also being cute. And being super cute. Then there are thoughts that I have about life. Then there is neat stuff Josh is doing. Then there's cool stuff that we've done as a family.
      I guess "cool" to me means getting out of the house- just going to the store and such. We went to Ikea a couple days ago and finally got the boy a new crib. I was so excited because we went to get him a new one around a month ago but they didn't have any! I guess they were all recalled. They told us the new ones wouldn't be in until December and I was SO bummed. He's just been sleeping in his pack and play since then. But I noticed a few days ago on their website that they got their new ones in! We got this wonderful ultra simple crib for only $70! I really like it. I'll take a pic once I get it a little more organized in there.
       Morgan is doing great- so much fun. He has been just fighting to stay up late though. It's sort of nice because he sleeps in late-ish but I do dearly miss those couple of hours after he goes to bed to chill by myself and with Josh. And the 9pm to 9am that he slept before was sooo nice, but I guess I can't reeeaaally complain about the 1am to 10am that he has been doing recently. I know- I really can't. I just had a taste of the ULTRA good life, so the change is a little rough but that's how it goes.
      One thing I've realized about my life lately is that it really is good for me to hang out with friends. It's harder to do now, but a little social activity once in a while is good for me. I'm definitely not social butterfly  #1 (like AT ALL), but I'm always in a really good mood after I hang out with good friends- old and new. It's just a little pick-me-up in life to be around friends who make me want to be a better person.
Shout out to my homies.
I apologize for the scattered nature of this post.

Monday, September 26, 2011


Yes, Morgan totally started clapping today! SO cute. I'm glad my parentals could see his first good little clap fest. He clapped once earlier in the day and I was so amazed and excited I thought it was some sort of fluke. But when we were video chatting with my parents he did it a bunch more, and a bunch more after that. He copies it when you do it. I love it. He is the best.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What the...

My child is still awake. What is going on? He usually goes to sleep around nine. Ten at the latest. He just won't go to sleep tonight. He's not crying much or anything, just talking and whining in bed. It's cute but strange... He's currently out of bed, and so red-eyed, but so happy to not be in bed. Now the boy is just chilling and playing with his toys. Not gonna lie, don't really know what to do for him right now. We fed him, burped him, changed him, gave him ora-gel, gave him tummy medicine, cuddled him. Now I guess all we can do is bask in his cuteness some more. I'm ok with it.
Ha, I love that one.

On another note- today was a really great day. It won't sound very exciting, but I'll tell you about it anyways. Morgan didn't wake up until 9:20, which was awesome. I mean, usually he sleeps until 9, so it wasn't too crazy, but it was still nice. I felt productive getting cleaning and laundry done. I made contact with our landlord about our super leaky faucet and things are going to happen with that. (Our tub now drains beautifully, thanks to Josh). The highlight was going to the mall with my boys. I know- we like to keep it classy. The main objective of that voyage was to get our printer ink cartridge refilled... woo. It was just really fun though- it felt like a real date with Josh even though the boy was with us. He was so good. They both were. Even when I spent time looking for some new boots, which I knew wasn't super interesting for either of them. (I did get some sweet new boots :)). We also got some grub at the mall at this sub place called Charlies. I like that place because they cook the meat for the sandwiches right in front of you. I got a delicious philly cheessteak. Mmmm. It was a splurge. I was going to make this awesome looking Greek Style Meatloaf tonight for dinner, which I've REALLY been looking forward too, but that sandwich was pretty bomb-diggity. And zero work. Perhaps I can make that meatloaf on Friday for our buddies the Senneff's? It's kind of different so I don't know if they would be down.. (Erika.. let me know? I won't be offended if it sounds weird to you!)
Anyways, besides the boy just going to bed like 20 minutes ago, it was a goooood day.
I. Am. So. Lucky.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Yup, two posts in one day. I'm a machine.
I just wanted to give more of an update on what's actually going on in our charmingly ghetto apartment, besides a mega leaky shower faucet with a ultra mega plugged drain. I think Josh is going to get in there tonight with one of those snake thingys, bless his heart. Methinks my postpartum hair has really done a number on that drain. This was just going to be a quick mention without an explanation, but really that thing is so bad. We have draino-ed it so many times, and have tried enough baking soda and vinegar to sink a ship- not joking. The landlord says a plugged drain is something we have to fix. But he's going to come look at our oven that periodically catches on fire and our constant little waterfall from the faucet and fixtures in the tub. We keep our bathroom door closed all the time right now because the sound is so annoying.
On a brighter note, (eeh, kind of) my grandparents came by today for a visit. I say it was only kind of a brighter note because they were in town for a funeral- my great aunt. She was THE sweetest lady ever. She will sure be missed.
So Grandma and Grandpa Halgren were staying in Utah for a couple days and we had the privilage and honor of seeing them.

Other than that, I've just been chilling with Morgan. I've recently experienced a renewed enjoyment of cooking, and that's been good. I think it really did stem form eating at Chef's Table (realizing good food is so... good!) I love being proud of something I've made and it makes me even more happy when Josh loves it. Not that I'm ANYTHING near gourmet, and still use my crockpot at least a couple times a week. Yesterday I've planned out meals for the next whole month- my goal is to stick to that and to stay well within the grocery $ budget.

Josh is busy with school and work and being the best husband a girl could ever possibly dream of. He's also been busy making these sweet 72 hour packs for us. He's been researching a TON and putting together all the best stuff. He's been doing a really great job- I know it's turned out to be a lot more tedious than anticipated. He's been doing such a great job with them and it comforts me to know that we have them and that they are EXTREMELY well thought out. I hope he blogs about it when they're all done. If he doesn't, you know I will. But at any rate, we will be prepared for that zombie apocalypse.

As for our favorite little 7 1/2 month old (whoa, exactly), he's busy being the cutest ever and melting our hearts. I feel like he's looking more like a litte boy instead of a baby everyday. *sigh. But it's only a catalyst to his cuteness. Plus, all of his new and developing skills are SO exciting.
I'm really glad he likes his walker- it's great when I'm in the kitchen cooking or doing dishes. He's got walking/bouncing backwards thing down.
If you've seen the video I posted on facebook, not to worry- this one is different :). I might have taken a few... it's just too cute

Other exciting Morgan things... he's gotten the "pincer grasp" down pat and grabs pretty much everything with his forefinger and thumb. So cute.
I truly feel like he says "mamama" around me more and "dadada" around Josh more. It is neat.
He does this cute little bye-bye wave with his hands and can mimick it when he feels like it..
He's not crawling yet but he can sure pivot and role to where he wants to go.
He sits up totally fine and has gotten good at transitioning from sitting up to laying down without falling and bonking his poor little head. I'm glad he's gotten better at that.

Real People.

These thoughts kind of go along with my last post when I talked about how being a mom makes you FEEL more. Basically, lately I love some people more and have a strong desire to cultivate different relationships- old and new friends, and definitely family- even if I'm not the best at it. Also, I have a stronger desire NOT to be around people who are negative, or passive, or petty, or have some sort of air or attitude that rubs me the wrong way. I feel like my feelings are just. I mean it's only logical to place yourself around people that make you feel good, right? Those people in your life that are grounded- that keep it real.
Shout out to my friend Keilani- I don't even know if you've looked at my blog, but remember that game from the 80's "Real People"? Of course you do. We still need to make our own version of that.
Has anyone else ever seen or played it? It's pretty funny.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Oh, Life. Why are you so good to me?

This evening I had the rare and exciting opportunity to hang out with Josh without the boy. We went on a REAL date. We totally splurged for dinner and went to Chef's Table. It had been a long time coming- note Josh's post awhile ago asking me on the date. Well this was the one. I've always wanted to go to Chef's Table, just to experience it- it's the nicest restaurant in town. It truly did not disappoint. It was sooooo good. The butternut bisque was literally like eating... joy. Yes. Is it wrong that delicious food makes me so happy? It was inspiring- It made me want to amp up my culinary skills and not opt for throwing meat and cream of something soup in the crockpot so often. Not that there's anything wrong with that. There's just so much more RIGHT about fresh ingredients cooked in a lovely way.
After dinner we went to a movie- Super 8. I had heard a lot of people say it was like The Goonies and E.T. mixed. They are both saweeeet movies so I was excited to see this one. In my head, it was about an adventurous group of boys befriending an endearing, misunderstood little alien. I guess it was like that in a way, but that alien thing was caraaaazy. It was way more action packed than anticipated. Which was fine, just unexpected. (I really enjoyed it though- GREAT movie) I did feel like it got pretty scary at times though. Which brings me to something else I wanted to talk about-
I've talked about this with some people, but ever since becoming a mom, I am SO much more sensitive to things- good and bad. I get more emotional at spiritual and inspiring things, and can't handle things like violence- or even suspense as much. Do any of your moms get super reactive and "into" movies? Making comments like "No!" "What is he doing?" "Oh my gosh". My siblings and I would always make fun of my mom for doing that :). (Love you mom!). But I'm 7 months into being a mom and my reactiveness has already begun, so I guess I'm pretty much doomed... Oh well. Sorry future kids (and husband). But it's not just movies that I'm more emotionally reactive to, it's just life. It's like I just FEEL more. I think it's because being a mom just has added so much more meaning (to an already meaningful life). You can just feel more about how special and divine life is.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


So I've been trying to take a picture of his cute little tooth, and this was the best I could do-
Can you see it on the bottom there? Isn't it great? I took this a few days ago and now the one next to it is poking through. I think it was giving him some pain today- he's been a little on edge. But also SO fun.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

With the babe, there is ALWAYS something new that's going on with him. The constant change happening before your eyes makes the sometimes monotonous life of a mommy so exciting. A few days ago Josh noticed Morgan's very first tooth coming through. Josh was rubbing some fluoride that the doctor had given us on Morgan's gums and he felt it. He yelled at me to come and feel it/see it and there it was! SO cute. I do feel like the teething thing has him more on edge, but he's still a generally happy little guy.

A video of the goobs were you can actually see him. Neat, right?

Shout outs:

-Jaclyn! I'm so happy you're here! You are awesome. I must commend your performance in Settlers of Catan last night. Well done.

-Turek Clan! Lunch was way fun and it was soooo good to see you guys.

-Ikea! Thank you for being so family friendly. I'm so impressed with the free diapers in the bathroom situation. And wipes. Also thank you for the array of aesthetically pleasing yet practical products you offer.

-Kira and Austin! I'm so happy you guys are back in town. Your son is so great. So are you guys. I look forward to more hang outage in the near future. Our sons are going to be best buds, pretty much.

-Joshie! I love you. so. much.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Cuteness

Yes, the cuteness is Morgan of course.
Even though a part of me feels sad that he's getting older all the time, I truly feel like he's just getting cuter and cuter. I would, right? Seeing him understand more and more about what goes on around him is so neat. I love that he gets all excited to see me. I also love how he has all these different moods now. Sometimes he's just in his own little world playing with a toy (or touching the tag on a toy over and over), sometimes he wants to giggle and have fun, sometimes he just wants to roll all the way across the room, and sometimes he wants to sleep or eat.
He's just such a fun boy.

Today he was so fascinated by the mirror. He's been interested in looking at himself in a mirror for a few months now, but just recently he's been loving it more. Looking in the mirror always makes him smile. I feel like he was in the "his own little world" mood today where it seems like he's learning more by the second as he was looking at himself.

He gets SO fascinated by tags on things.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

(Josh's Post)

Hey Heather- I wanted to ask you out on a special date in a fun and spontaneous way- I felt like the blog was a perfect place to do so. Anyway the date is Friday September 9th at 5pm- if you choose to accept you'll need to wear something nice-ish, but you always dress great so that won't be an issue- you'll also need an empty stomach. Will you please acompany me on this most amazing date?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Ok, so I finally made a changing pad cover. Yay!
The tutorial I used was really great- you can find it here. I just used fabric I already had so the accent fabric at the top is smaller than it should be, but it was fun to make and I'm pretty happy with it!


Also, Morgan is getting a lot better at sitting up on his own!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

More Montana

Ok, you know I have to add my two cents about our awesome trip. And of course pictures. Josh did do an amazing and quite poetic job of describing our trip though, so I don't have too much to say.

I feel like we are getting to be pros at traveling with a baby. Well I guess the main thing that has made it easier is giving the boy bottles rather than the boob. I totally miss nursing him but he's decided he's getting too old for it I guess and he just started weening himself off. ANYWAYS, we had a thermos with hot water that we could warm breastmilk in or make formula with. I just stuck my arm back there and fed him while he was in his car seat. So slick. He really didn't slow us down at all.

Hanging out with my grandparents was just so wonderful. Of course my favorite part was how much they loved to be with Morgan. My Grandma got down on the floor to play with him and everything. I loved that! They both had a lot of fun with him. I wish I would have gotten a picture with them. Man. Next time.

My mom happened to be in Montana at the same time, visiting her mom in Bozeman- my other Grandma (who is also a stellar person- I'm a very lucky grandchild).  Mom came up to see us for a night on her way back to Washington. I was SO glad I got to hang out with my mom for a little bit too.


As Josh said, we did get to see some bears on our little outing to West Glacier. I wish I could say they were legitimately wild, but that would be a lie. We went to this place where we could drive around amongst black bears- I think it was called "The Great Bear Adventure", or something like that. It's a step up from the zoo because there aren't any cages, they walk on the road by your car. I had actually been there before years ago, and I remembered it being fun, so I wanted to go with Josh. He was pretty nervous, haha, but we really enjoyed it.


Here's Josh masking his fear with a smile-
(The bear is that black blob in the trees)

So we stopped at this place on the way to Glacier. We planned on hanging out at Glacier for an hour or two then heading back to Grandma and Grandpas. They were kind enough to watch Morgan while we went on this awesome date. The thing is, we didn't realize how spendy getting into the park was- $25! Since we were only going to stay a very short time, it wasn't worth it. Plus, we missed Morgan. (We kind of love that kid. A LOT.) So we turned around but stopped and got some huckleberry pie to make our Montana cultural experience more complete.

It was yummy.


Remember how I said I didn't have much to say? I know- lies.
But pretty much we had a great time.
Morgan started some new tricks there like crinkling his nose and more kinds of squeaks and squawks.
I would also like to mention the s'more with Reese's are delicious- my grandparents are geniuses!
Here's Joshie and I on the boat~

Me and Morgan in the token place on the deck. Isn't he HUGE?!