Friday, October 28, 2011

More Sniffles

Well, I didn't make it through the Perry sick week unscathed. That night I wrote the last post my throat and head ended up killing me. Anyways, I'm part of the sick club now. At least I can feel included...

Josh is ridiculously good at taking care of me even though he's still a little sick himself. Seriously though, he's so good. He's way better than me at tending to sickies. He definitely has more skills than I do in that aspect of nurturing. He gives me meds and sets a timer and tells me when to take more. He makes me drink a booty load. He's just so hardcore about it. I don't always think to take meds for some reason. I think maybe I don't want to take a lot because they're expensive? I don't know. That's dumb, I know. It's TOTALLY worth it to feel better. I just really appreciate his awareness and caring :).

Basically today I've just sat around all day with Morgan- Josh had to go to work this evening. I actually remembered to take some tylenol today too. Oh yeah. Actually, I'm not gonna lie, I video chatted with my dad and he reminded me... He's a good man.

Morgan was pretty great today, he took 2 good long naps, which was great. The second one was a little later than it should have been- he couldn't sleep because he was hungry but he wouldn't eat. He's still pretty congested so it was pretty tough for him to drink the bottle but he finally did it and took a nice two hour nap, during which I napped as well. Amazing. I should do that more.

I think Morgan really enjoyed seeing Grandpa on the computer today, too. Who wants to video chat with us more?

Also, who wants to play with us more? I mean, I'm sick right now but lately I've been craving more social interaction. I could definitely do more to fix that- talk to my homies more- , but I'm just sayin.

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