Friday, October 28, 2011

P.S.... I love my little guy...

More than I could possibly express.

He loves to stand up holding on to things now. He can't pull himself up quite yet, but he tries. And when we set him there he gets so excited and usually bounces and giggles with joy.


Yesterday Josh set up his playpen, so we, in our not-feeling-so-good states, wouldn't have to chase him around as he gets into stuff. Also, it keeps his toys contained, instead of having a huge minefield of toys. Legit. I actually didn't think he'd be too keen on it. I thought he'd get sick of being in there pretty fast. But he actually loves it in there and stays content for quite some time. I was impressed.


One last thing. Here is an update on Morgan's kinetic skills.
It takes about 20 seconds before he starts moving, so be patient...
Anyways, is this considered a scoot? An army crawl? I think it's a little mix of both. Whatever it is, it gets him from point A to point B.

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  1. I believe that's called the elephant seal.