Saturday, September 29, 2012

That one time...

... we drove for 45 minutes to Cabelas (sporting goods store) just to see their (free) little aquarium:


Friday, September 21, 2012


My super awesomely legit sister in law is living with us now. I like her a lot. She's been here for a little over a week and it's been great. She's getting her CNA next month and will stay here to get residency then go to Dixie.
If you're a nice LDS boy that we know you should take her on a date. But you're probably not cool enough. That's my opinion, not hers. She's just... like REALLY great.
She sees how I roll in the mornings (no make-up, rarely showered) and still likes me (I think). I truly enjoy every minute of hanging out with her. Even when we're just chillin' doing nothing. Which is what we often do. And Morgan LOVES her of course. So it's really a wonderful thing for everyone involved.

Happy girly.

Our Pearlgirl has been so much more smiley of late! Is there anything bettert?
And yesterday she had her very first real giggle. Not happy coos and noises, but real laughter. I love love love that. I remember Morgan's first laugh very well. 
Pearl loves bath time, so thats when it happened. 
After getting some super great giggles from her, I called Jaclyn, my sister-in-law, to grab my camera and come video it. But I already had her all giggled out I guess. But I did get some way fun smiles. So here is the video anyways.
I REALLY apologize for my ridiculousness. You know how it is with babies. And this girl really makes you work for those smiles. 

All the small things.

Some fave things Morgan has learned this past month...

Pretending- string cheese is a phone, just about any type of food is a car, or an airplane.

New phrases. Josh taught him "dada knows" and he says it all the time. Josh tells him to run and go tell me when I'm in a different part of the house and he always runs and finds me, and tells me "dada knows". Most of the time I agree.

He like to say "go crazy" and dance around. (Yo Gabba Gabba, anyone?)

He loves saying bones and fist bumping you, then making an exploding sound. (Daddy taught him about exploding the bones.)

He says "high-five" and gives them to his stuffed animals. And people when they ask.

He still is obsessed with cars and plays with his all the time. It's cute because they are always all in the same place- there are like 20 of them- or more. But he moves them armful by armful to a new location when he relocates- like if I move from the living room to the kitchen and he wants to be with me. He likes to stack random things on top of each other, but he espeichally does it with his little hotwheel cars. We taught him to say "double cars!". So when we were driving on the highway a few days ago there was one of those big semi car transporter thingys and Morgan got excited and said "double cars!" Sooo cute.

He learns new words every single day- and he is SUCH a little parrot now. Especially when we're on the phone. And especially the phrases "yeah""ok""uh huh""hello""byebye"- but SO many more too.

He knows ALL his colors- red, green, blue, yellow, orange, purple, black, brown. You can ask him to bring any one of those colors of cars or crayon or anything else to you and he'll do it no problem. He can say all the colors too.

Speaking of crayons, the boy LOVES to draw. If you sit down and color with him he is one happy boy. He'll ask you to draw "M"s (his favorite letter), ovals (his favorite shape), and cars. ("dah em peese, mama). Adorable much?

Oh, and I have something to show you. He is getting better and better at drawing and he drew these ovals all by himself! Like, with the intent to draw ovals. He was saying oval as he drew them. They are not just scribbles. Look at those ones on the bottom right! That seriously blew my mind.
I did draw the awkward car on the bottom. Don't judge. Everything else is Morgan's. 

Crazy stuff man.

Pretty sure I could go on for another 20 paragraphs about all the cool stuff he's learned but I better stop.

I truly feel like he is ridiculously smart, and it's so fun that he can learn just about anything you teach him. His personality is really the cherry on top though- he is just bursting with fun. I love that boy. Have I ever mentioned that?

Monday, September 3, 2012

Blessing day

Yesterday our Pearly was blessed by Josh at church. It's was such a special blessing and I know Josh was guided by the Spirit in what he said.
I SO appreciate everyone who came to support. I love our family and friends so much. Josh's grandparents came from Logan, despite health issues. That was so, so nice of them. I was very happy to see them. And then there's my parents and Josh's mom who came all the way from Washington.
We are so lucky! This girl is so loved.
Oh, and here is an obscene amount of pictures documenting the day: