Thursday, July 26, 2012

Our Place

Our new place is SO great.

There are three bedrooms. And a great kitchen. With a dishwasher. A master bathroom.

It is a basement again, but I'm cool with it. It's twice as big as our last place.

There are animals outside- chickens, ducks, turkeys, pigs, horses, cows, and a goat.

There is a swingset. And a trampoline. And a picnic table. And a playhouse. Basically our own personal park. And petting zoo.

Also- it's official. I want to live out in the country. My heart is so happy every time I walk outside. I think that means it's meant to be.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pearl's Birth Story

       I've opened up this post to start writing on it about a million times the past week or so. I'm really not exaggerating too much.
      When I have a minute when both kiddies are sleeping I've been choosing sleep or do a few things around the house... both things are sorely needed around here.

But let's talk about June 30th, 2012. It was such an amazing day.

       I woke up at about 7:15am to the sound of Morgan whining on the baby monitor. Josh didn't work the night before but I decided to let him sleep in. (I'm nice.) I went and got the boy and started the usual morning routine. During breakfast- at about 8, I was starting to feel what seemed a lot like contractions. I had had a few contractions the past few weeks but there kept coming consistently. They were concentrated in my lower right back just like the contractions with Morgan were. I still didn't dare hope it could REALLY be it and got in the shower. In the shower I started to be sure that it was labor- they weren't far apart at all and were pretty painful. I started to stress a little because we were selling our washer and dryer, and the people were coming to pick it up at "9 or 10am" they had said. It was a little after 8 and they said they lived an hour away. I called right after the shower to check and see it they had left yet, hoping to catch them before they left. I called and the wife answered- she said her husband left 30 minutes ago. I told her about my little situation and she was super nice and very concerned. She called her husband and told him to hurry his booty up. At this point I woke Joshie up and let him know that I was having regular contractions and that the washer/dryer buyer guy would be here any minute. He was groggy and excited.
     In the movies when people tell their husbands it's always a little frantic, and they say "IT'S TIME!!". But, like last time I just woke Josh up and was like, hey I'm having contractions so I'm pretty sure we should go to the hospital in the next little while here. Aaanyways the guy came and I chilled in Morgan's room with him so the guy wouldn't see me hunched over and breathing all weird every 5 minutes. Josh took care of business and the guy was nice and quick since he knew the situation.  Poor Josh had to hoist the crazy heavy washer and dryer into the guy's truck with him and it was already getting hot out, so he was a little tired and sweaty already. Luckily we had all of our bags packed and ready to go.
     We had previously talked about dropping me off at the hospital first before dropping off Morgan to our friends who lived 15 minutes away since the hospital was so close to us... but I wanted to see my little man off. He was so good that morning. I mean he's always a good kid but he seemed extra       endearing.  I guess I knew I would miss him. So we made that 30 or 40 minute round trip adventure. By this time I definitely couldn't talk through my contractions. Josh was so good to me and just followed my cues and tried to keep things upbeat. I wondered how dilated I was and I was getting worried I would be too far along for an epidural. The epidural is such a beautiful thing. I was hoping this one would be as good as the one I got during Morgan's labor.
     When we fiiinally got to the hospital I let the nurse know my worry and she was very reassuring. They were all the nicest. They checked me, and I was at 6cm already! I kinda felt like a champ for being at a 6 and just getting to the hospital. I know that's nothing really to be proud of- I'm not an all-natural birth girl but I guess it felt empowering to push my limits. But I SURE was ready for that juice when it came.

     Giving birth the second time is so different- you're comparing everything to the first time. It's less stressful (if everything is going well) because you've done it before. I felt more focused this time. Josh and I both knew how we wanted the parts of the experience we could control to go. Like we felt like there were too many people coming in last time.. lactation consultant who wasn't very good, crazy old lady telling us about the gift shop. So we requested those peeps not to come in. It was nice.

    So once we got to the hospital, I was monitored for a little while in the first room, then moved to the room where we would get to meet out little lady. I really love Orem Community Hospital, one reason being, the rooms are pretty huge! And you don't have to move rooms once you deliver. So this lovely room was to be home for the next two days:

      I got that glorious epidural pretty soon after moving rooms. Then it was just a waiting game. One of the things I hate most about the whole hospital experience is the IV. I hate them so much! The nurse did a really good job and everything and got it right in but for some reason they always pinch me a little. The whole idea of it is nauseating to me. I have a big time needle phobia. (Don't worry, I'm VERY careful not to look at the epidural needle).

     Dr. Baxter (or Dr. B, as I affectionately call him... behind his back) came in and broke my water with that horrible looking big crochet hook. Like last time, I was so scared it would hurt- but I felt nooothing but a weird warm feeling from the fluid gushing out. Josh was lucky enough to step in my fluids in his socks... He wasn't really a fan of that. At this point Josh was giving a pretty entertaining play by play on facebook... if you didn't get to see that you sure missed out. Highlights included the sock incident, our joy upon seeing Phil, the respiratory therapist we had last time, and my dilation progress.


     Before we knew it I was ready to push! That lady was excited to meet us I think... it only took a few pushes and she was out. I'll never, ever forget looking down and seeing that amazing, puffy, angry little face coming out of me. Love.

    They did minimal cleanup and then I got to hold my lady skin to skin. I cry just thinking about those moments. Indescribable. I tuned out everything but her. As the doc was sewing up a minor tear, and I have no idea what everyone else was doing, I just talked and talked to her- about how excited we were, about how great her daddy and brother were, how much we loved her. She kept touching my face and she was totally looking at me. The nurses were amazed and one said she was about to cry. It was absolutely one of the most special experiences of my life.

    She was a lovely 7 lbs 3 oz, and 18.5 inches with a great head of dark hair. Born at 1:47pm. (Only 5 hours of labor in the hospital!) One of the first things I noticed about her is how much I love the shape of her face. It's so perfectly round. It's cliche but....