Wednesday, June 27, 2012


         I kinda sorta mentioned in the last post (and a poor excuse for a post it was) that we are moving. I am SO excited. The place we are currently is... gross. I KNOW there are much worse places and the rent was cheap (enough), but I am so happy to move on. We are moving to Payson- Josh will be way closer to work, though farther from school when he's taking classes again, but it's absolutely worth it. It's kinda out in the country- Morgan will looove all the animals around. And it's 3 bedrooms! Hurrah! We get to have a girl and a boy bedroom... and a little more space for when we have company.

        ALSO, and more importantly, really- our girl will be here in one week or less. For sure. Because I'm getting induced next Thursday... July 5th. Eeek! One week. One week. I can't get over it. The doctor recommended I get induced before my due date due to that antigen in my blood. It was a little bit of an internal struggle on whether to say no or at least to wait another week to be induced because I REALLY do want the girl to come on her own time. But at long last I decided to go with the doctor's recommendation. My antigen levels aren't super high but they can rise at any time. I'm finding out on Monday where they are currently. So I'll be induced at 39 weeks if she doesn't come before. Which she very well might. She's head down and super low and I've been at 3 cm for a couple weeks. And I've had some contractions- which is so weird to me because I didn't have ANY early contractions with Morgan. These pregnancies have been TOTALLY different experiences.

         Speaking of Morgan... the boy is so ridiculously fun and adorable and smart. It's so neat, because he pretty much learns whatever we teach him, so we try to teach him new words all the time. Recently he's been saying two words together more- he's been saying "cool car" and "big car" for awhile but I LOVE how he says "hi dada" "bye dada" with zero cue from me when Josh comes into or leaves the room. I want to list all the cute words and things that he says but it would probably bore you!

I am getting more and more nervous about managing 2 kids... but I know I'll figure it out. I'll have to, won't I?

I'm hoping out girl at least comes after we move on Monday... send prayers and thoughts my way about that pretty please!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Too much

*That awkward moment when you should be packing and cleaning in your few toddler free moments but you are WAY too tired and you don't want to strain at all because you're praying the baby waits another week and a half to come even though you've been dilated at a three for more than a week and are having some contractions so instead you eat a disgusting amount of birthday cake while watching "say yes to the dress" and get annoyed at how hot it still is and daydream about your new place that you are so excited to move into but not up to accomplishing the necessary preparations.*

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

the lady

Hey look, it's the cutest little nose and mouth (and finger) in the world.. 

I really enjoyed my doctor appointment today. Our little lady weighs about 5 pounds now. She's measuring a week behind from my due date so maybe it will be after my due date when she comes... or maybe she'll just be a little small, or maybe she'll have a growth spurt in the next couple weeks. Who knows!
Her eyes looked a little spooky in the 3D ultrasounds because they were open, so they were like dark holes, or big black beads. I don't know, I didn't expect that...
What really made my day was seeing her hair on the regular 2D ultrasound. There were all these cute little spikes along the back of her head, and the ultrasound tech said she should have a really good head of hair! Yay!

I got to see my lady just a couple weeks ago too. They had me get an ultrasound and see a perinatologist at the hospital. I had gotten a call a a few weeks ago about some lab results from my blood work- they found something rare and not good in my blood: the anti-E antibody. The lab tech person that called me explained a little about what it was, but not a lot. And most importantly she didn't tell me about my levels, or how much of the antibody I had. So of course after googling the crap out of it, I knew how serious the situation COULD be and that it all depended on my levels. The baby could be anemic with high levels of this particular antibody and extremely high levels could involve blood transfusions and fatality... yeah pretty dang scary.
When I finally talked to a nurse at my doctors office she looked at my chart and said my levels were suuuuper low- like barely detectable. Phew!! They just have to draw blood and check my levels every month. They just stuck me last week though so that might have been my last one! I'm soooo not a fan of needles.
This antibody will be there in subsequent pregnancies, and most likely will get worse each time, so that is unnerving, but lets stay in the here and now...

And just FYI my SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction) is doing SO much better! It's a miracle. I think the support belt I got really worked. So to anyone out there having that issue.. get one!
Now it's all about the sore and swollen feet, fatigue, and all that uncomfortableness that being HUGE entails.
When I think about this little girl though, I absolutely know it will be more than worth it. Like I've said before, we really love this girl already. It seems strange to love someone we havent officially met, but we just do and that's all there is to it. 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Washington trip

We got to go on vacation back home to Washington a month ago- it's ALWAYS so good to go back to our hometown. There's something about being there with Joshie that makes me super happy. Back to our roots or whatevs I guess. One of the main reasons we went is my dear mom graduated collage! If you don't know my mom, your missing out big time. She is quite the lady. She is loving, fun, compassionate, and talented in soooo many ways. She graduated magna cum laude from WSU Tri-Cities. So she basically rocked it. And I really like saying magna cum laude- even typing it is fun-  so I like to tell people that... But really, there was never a more dedicated woman to reaching her admirable goals. Life has thrown a lot of stuff at her- and I truly feel that her amazing positive attitude has gotten her through everything. Her great attitude is pretty unique and something that I try to emulate.

Look how cute my parentals are:

They are crazy good to us and I love them.

We are lucky to have some awesome family. We had SO much fun with Grammy Jules, my parents, and all of our sibs. Not to mention all my extended family who came to town for my moms graduation. It was really quite the event. ALL 4 of my moms brothers came, a couple cousins, my grandma on my moms side, my grandparents on my dads side, my great aunt... and I think that's everyone... hopefully I'm not leaving anyone out. Anyways, it was a blast seeing everyone. Lots of them hadn't seem Morgan yet so it was really fun and of course he was a hot commodity. I'm so glad we got to go. 

This is totally insane but I forgot my camera on our trip! I was so bummed! My sister took some really sweet pics like this one though so I'll get some more sometime.. 
P.S. Isn't my sister gorgeous? That's her on the lower right. Just sayin'. 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

whatta week.

This week seemed to start out pretty chill and fun... then just got craaaazy. It probably won't even sound that crazy... but just believe me.

Our car- big blue-  started totally breaking down on Tuesday. I don't know (anything) about cars, but I guess the transmission is giving out. The car isn't really worth repairing. Sooo we've had to decide how to make buying a new (old) car happen and all that. It's times like these when having money would sure come in handy...  And we just went on a 2 1/2 week vacation so we are extra tight. I plan on posting a little more about said vacation soon.
Anyways, we've been wanting to get a bigger car for awhile since we'll have two kiddies soon and two kiddies means a whole lot of stuff. So we (and by we I mean Josh) have been looking at a ton of cars online and calling places and figuring out our credit and how we could be approved to buy something reliable. In the meantime I had a couple appointments and Josh had work so we had to rely on friends and coworkers to help us out. That's always kinda tough, ya know? And stressful trying to find someone.

But today we got our car all purchased and whatnot so that's a load off.
(We got a minivan. Don't judge us!)

Yesterday morning Morgan woke up burning hot. He had a high fever all day yesterday, the poor guy. He was still in a pretty good mood but didn't eat and drink nearly enough. He woke up a couple times in the night and luckily Joshie is awesome and stayed up with him. Today he was a little bit more of a mess, just being so tired and weak and that fever would not break so I decided to take him in. We couldn't get in until 5 but I'm glad we took him in. (We were SO bummed to miss our friends birthday party for their sweet little girl today though. We had been looking forward to it all week!) The doctor said his throat wasn't looking good at all. He has sores in the back of his throat so that's why eating and drinking is really hard for him. Thankfully we got him the meds he needed right after, and his horrible fever was gone in a couple hours. Yay medicine!

Does anyone else get as stressed as I do at a sick child? Especially when they don't eat and drink?

Also the last couple weeks Josh and I have been talking about moving when our lease ends in a couple months. Our place has served us well for the most part, but I really feel like it's part of the reason we get sick so often. The windows are hoooorrible. The screens are all bent up and have of them don't stay on the windows. Mold grows around them because a lot of moisture gets in. Ew. The oven is falling a part. No A/C. The caulking around the tub is all coming apart and I'm sure there's mold in there. I'll force myself to stop there- there are a lot of things not up to par. And we are finding for just a little bit more we can get a way nicer place. And if we move closer to Josh's work, the gas money we would save would make up the difference.
Aaaanyways the car thing sucked because I was thinking we might not be able to move and my heart is so set on it. I think we'll still try to work it out though...

I know this is too much type and not enough pictures, right?

I gotta throw in some goobness.

He's been obsessed with opening and closing doors for a few months now, and now he knows that keys go in door knobs and can aaalmost reach. 

The boy LOVES boxes. What kid doesn't?

Outside in his jammies getting sad because he can't get to his cars on the other side of the window. 

This pretty much sums up his relationship with plants. He's intrigued but kind of freaked out by touching things like bushes for some reason. 

I love the boy. I sure hope he's feeling better tomorrow!