Wednesday, June 27, 2012


         I kinda sorta mentioned in the last post (and a poor excuse for a post it was) that we are moving. I am SO excited. The place we are currently is... gross. I KNOW there are much worse places and the rent was cheap (enough), but I am so happy to move on. We are moving to Payson- Josh will be way closer to work, though farther from school when he's taking classes again, but it's absolutely worth it. It's kinda out in the country- Morgan will looove all the animals around. And it's 3 bedrooms! Hurrah! We get to have a girl and a boy bedroom... and a little more space for when we have company.

        ALSO, and more importantly, really- our girl will be here in one week or less. For sure. Because I'm getting induced next Thursday... July 5th. Eeek! One week. One week. I can't get over it. The doctor recommended I get induced before my due date due to that antigen in my blood. It was a little bit of an internal struggle on whether to say no or at least to wait another week to be induced because I REALLY do want the girl to come on her own time. But at long last I decided to go with the doctor's recommendation. My antigen levels aren't super high but they can rise at any time. I'm finding out on Monday where they are currently. So I'll be induced at 39 weeks if she doesn't come before. Which she very well might. She's head down and super low and I've been at 3 cm for a couple weeks. And I've had some contractions- which is so weird to me because I didn't have ANY early contractions with Morgan. These pregnancies have been TOTALLY different experiences.

         Speaking of Morgan... the boy is so ridiculously fun and adorable and smart. It's so neat, because he pretty much learns whatever we teach him, so we try to teach him new words all the time. Recently he's been saying two words together more- he's been saying "cool car" and "big car" for awhile but I LOVE how he says "hi dada" "bye dada" with zero cue from me when Josh comes into or leaves the room. I want to list all the cute words and things that he says but it would probably bore you!

I am getting more and more nervous about managing 2 kids... but I know I'll figure it out. I'll have to, won't I?

I'm hoping out girl at least comes after we move on Monday... send prayers and thoughts my way about that pretty please!

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