Tuesday, June 5, 2012

the lady

Hey look, it's the cutest little nose and mouth (and finger) in the world.. 

I really enjoyed my doctor appointment today. Our little lady weighs about 5 pounds now. She's measuring a week behind from my due date so maybe it will be after my due date when she comes... or maybe she'll just be a little small, or maybe she'll have a growth spurt in the next couple weeks. Who knows!
Her eyes looked a little spooky in the 3D ultrasounds because they were open, so they were like dark holes, or big black beads. I don't know, I didn't expect that...
What really made my day was seeing her hair on the regular 2D ultrasound. There were all these cute little spikes along the back of her head, and the ultrasound tech said she should have a really good head of hair! Yay!

I got to see my lady just a couple weeks ago too. They had me get an ultrasound and see a perinatologist at the hospital. I had gotten a call a a few weeks ago about some lab results from my blood work- they found something rare and not good in my blood: the anti-E antibody. The lab tech person that called me explained a little about what it was, but not a lot. And most importantly she didn't tell me about my levels, or how much of the antibody I had. So of course after googling the crap out of it, I knew how serious the situation COULD be and that it all depended on my levels. The baby could be anemic with high levels of this particular antibody and extremely high levels could involve blood transfusions and fatality... yeah pretty dang scary.
When I finally talked to a nurse at my doctors office she looked at my chart and said my levels were suuuuper low- like barely detectable. Phew!! They just have to draw blood and check my levels every month. They just stuck me last week though so that might have been my last one! I'm soooo not a fan of needles.
This antibody will be there in subsequent pregnancies, and most likely will get worse each time, so that is unnerving, but lets stay in the here and now...

And just FYI my SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction) is doing SO much better! It's a miracle. I think the support belt I got really worked. So to anyone out there having that issue.. get one!
Now it's all about the sore and swollen feet, fatigue, and all that uncomfortableness that being HUGE entails.
When I think about this little girl though, I absolutely know it will be more than worth it. Like I've said before, we really love this girl already. It seems strange to love someone we havent officially met, but we just do and that's all there is to it. 

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