Monday, December 26, 2011

Nauseated to the Max

Don't you hate it when you feel so, so, gross and nauseated that you KNOW you're going to throw up, and it's only a matter of time before you do? You just have to wait for the nasty feeling to get worse and worse. Ew, that's my fun little situation right now. I've already done this routine once today- pretty sure it's happening again. I've been feeling horrible all day.

It's really a miracle though, the two days before this I've felt fine. My meds ran out on Thursday and I thought I could just go get a refill that day but I didn't realize I didn't have any refills prescribed for it. I need to wait for them to get a new prescription from the doctor but I should have it ready tomorrow. So I've had to go without this weekend. But luckily I've felt pretty darn good besides the mega tiredness for the Christmas weekend. I had SO much fun with my parents- I'm so lucky they were willing to come here. More about that later.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Da goobs.

Yeah... that's what we call Morgan. Because we can. And he's just such a goob.
Anyways, I wanted to share a few of him latest favorite pastimes.
Here are some things that almost 11 month old Morgan likes to do:

*eat all by himself:

*find new and effective ways of eating:

*run around like a crazy person in his walker:


*work on his mad cruising skills, walking around holding on to stuff:

*get his homeless man look on- from eating black licorice:

*look at books:

*tentatively touch the Christmas tree (don't mind our skirtless tree):

He's just becoming such a little boy now... and somehow getting cuter and cuter.


Let's talk about this pregnancy thing. It's so different this time around. Not only physically, but mentally too. Last time I was pretty much obsessed with the pregnancy. I always knew how far along I was to the day. But this time I'm like, how far along am I now? (Answer: 11 weeks today!) I don't know, it's not a big deal not to know the exact day, it's just different.

But it's such a wonderful, amazing thing, that I do want to think about it more. Our little fetus is a couple inches big now and has all of it's little organs, though they're not fully formed. How cool is that?? We've heard its good, strong heartbeat. The little life inside me can move around and kick already. I know I'm cheesin' it up here, but how amazing is the process of a baby growing inside a person? Even though I can't feel it moving around yet, and I can't feel its heartbeat, I know its alive. Every minute of everyday of my life right now my body is busy growing a baby. 



In other news my mom and pops are coming to visit tomorrow! I'm so excited. I don't think they can fully comprehend yet how much fun they'll have playing with Morgan... :). He's the FUNNEST. They havent seen him since June, I believe. My memory is horrible so I hope that's right. Anyways, I hope they don't mind if the house isn't in perfect order.. ( I know they don't, just I do). Still havent been feeling great but I'm trying to find it in me to get more stuff around the house done.
Wish me luuuck.

PS. Sorry about the new boring look for the blog. I just for kinda sick of the way it looked and changed it- but I don't like it yet.. I'll fix it someday. Soon. 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

I said good day!

I just want you guys to know I had a great day today. So there.
Nothing super exciting, just a visit from a great friend, and I went out and about with my guy (the little one), and he was so great. We went to 3 stores and he was just so fun the whole time. I love love love having a little buddy.
Plus, all the goings ons tuckered him out and I put him to bed at like 7:15 and he's pretty much slept the whole time- just woke up to eat.
Although I do need to wake him up soonish to go pick up dad from his work carpool..  I call Josh "dad" often now. Wieeeerd.
Also on the wierd note, I'm wearing footie pajamas. Thank you Sarah. Josh is weirded out by them- makes sense. But they are oh so soft and comfy.

Don't you wish you had a booty load of money so you could buy super sweet things for your wonderful friends and family? I do.
I was planning on doing all this great sewing and baking and making cool gifts this year but I just have noooot been up for it. I'm still feeling sick- though not as much as before. There have been other quite unpleasant symptoms though lately. I'll spare you the details. But the main one involves the complete lack of ability to preform a very, very, necessary bodily function. Not fun.

 Sorry this is so random and broken. I'm tired. And I do what I want.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Baby #2

I know it's not cute or cool or original in any way... but that's what I am calling the dear little fetus inside me. Yup- for everyone that doesn't know- I'm pregnant! Surprise!

(big rothe? ha, I could NOT get a good picture!)

I've been wanting to blog so bad lately- not particularly about the pregnancy, and I don't even know what about, but I did know that if I blogged I would just have to mention how terrible I've been feeling lately and how hard the past few weeks have been :S.

But at the same time I feel silly for complaining because it's such a wonderful, amazing, thing and Josh and I feel beyond blessed. We seriously do!

But anyways I had my first doctors appointment yesterday. I was really pumped for it, because I wasn't sure how far along I was. I hadn't had a period in like 1 1/2 years (TMI?) due to being pregnant with  Morgan and then taking birth control- and when I stopped taking it just over 2 months ago I got pregnant before I had one.

So aaaanyways, the appointment went so well. I'm glad I went back to the same doctor- I love the nurses and the doc is great. The nurses remembered me- or did a great job pretending they did- and were excited for me being pregnant again. I truly think it was genuine though. Of course they loved seeing Morgan and he flirted it up big time. Josh got to come with me too and that was a HUGE plus.

I was guessing I was between 8-10 weeks and I was right on the money. I'm 9 weeks! Due July 12th. We will have our new little one with us in just 7 months! Wow. I mean it is pretty early in the pregnancy still, but not in the grand scheme of things. Josh and I actually wanted to wait longer to tell people but it's harder to hide when I'm not feeling well.

Here's the little guy/girl~


So back to me feeling not so good basically the past month. I haven't been throwing up a lot- I just have once- but the gross unsettled, nauseated feeling rarely went away. It made me unmotivated and the housework and dinner have suffered GREATLY.  Obviously Morgan has been my priority so I've had to use all my gumption to take care of and play with him.
at my doctor's appointment they hooked me up with some anti-nausea stuff (Zofran) and oh my gosh. Just one day later and I'm feeling SO much better. It's so great not to feel sick! Maybe I'll actually be able to DO stuff! It's so exciting! 

So yeah... that's the big news :)