Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Our past few days...

Josh got sick Friday night. Really yucky, puke AAALLLL night sick. Definitely the stomach flu. He was so miserable and I felt so bad for him. I did my very best to take care of him and take care of Morgan.

Then Sunday, after church the inevitable happened- I got that horrible pain in my stomach that wouldn't go away and I knew I was the next victim. I knew exactly what I was in for in seeing the horrible process with Josh. As I felt the pain gradually getting worse I tried to clean the kitchen- it was already in not-so-great shape and I knew once I got sick the house would turn gross fast. Josh was still weak and queasy from his bout.

Man, that stuff is horrible!

But that's not the worst part. A few hours after I started to feel gross and had thrown up a time or two, Josh had put Morgan to bed and went to the store to get the sicky goods- gatorade, ginger ale, and soup. Morgan had refused to eat his nighttime bottle but was SO tired, so Josh just put him to bed. Morgan hadn't stopped crying since Josh put him down but I was already in a pretty bad place so I was going to let Josh take care of him when he got home. Josh got home and opened the goobs' door, planning on trying the bottle again but he walked in to the poor guy covered in vomit. Probably the saddest thing EVER.

So, needless to say we've all been SO messed up the past few days. Sunday night was one of the worst nights of my life. Just plain horrible. It's just excruciating being completely helpless. Poor Morgan had never thrown up before (other than spit up) and he was pretty freaked out by it. Josh was SO good to him in his own weak state, comforting him and scooping him right up and holding him close as he was throwing up so he wouldn't be so scared. It was gross but it was truly one of the most tender things I've ever seen.

ANYWAYS.... we are all doing a little better. It seems to be passing though Morgan very quickly, which is good. His appetite still isn't fully back, and he's still tired from it all I think, but he's generally pretty playful and chipper.

I'm still feeling weak and it's super hard to eat, but I'm a little better than I was yesterday. I struggle in my non-sick pregnant state when I havent eaten in 2 hours, so not eating anything substantial for 1 1/2 days is bad news. I got pretty worried with the things my body was going through Sunday night, and how dehydrated I was, and called the on-call obgyn but he said the baby would just fine. I do fine with liquids now and am getting more hydrated, though I still can't eat much. I'm sure it will be a little better tomorrow. I've lost like 4 pounds, which is pretty scary. Josh has lost about 8! Eek.
So if you're looking to lose weight just come on over to our sickly home I guess... no. Don't do it. NOT worth it.

I was tempted to call a friend to help out or something Sunday night but I didn't want to risk getting anyone sick. It sure wasn't pretty in here...

Aside from all that SUPER miserable stuff the past couple days, there are a couple things in that time that I realized how lucky and grateful for I am:
- JOSH. What a man. He's worked so hard to take care of goobs and I, when he wasn't feeling great. Not to mention cleaning up the house when he could. It's times like this when I think about all the single moms out there and how rough it would be. I don't know if I'd be strong enough.
- A washer and dryer in our place. What an insane hassle would it be to lug mountains of nasty sheets, blankets and clothes somewhere? I've never been so grateful for our washer and dryer.

And there you have it. A probably too in-depth look at what's been going on.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Finding out

On Friday Josh and I got to find out the gender of our very dear little fetus.

My doctor appointment for my ultrasound was set for the 9th, when I will be 18 weeks along but... we were SO anxious to know! I feel like I was more anxious this time than with goobs for some reason. I couldn't wait to find out if we were going to have two little boys, or if Morgan would have a little sister. I would have been so excited about either but... I have to admit I was getting more pumped about thinking about a girl. It seems weird to me to admit saying you want one over the other, because you get what you get, and you'll love them either way... but I was kind of getting over that and really wanting a girl. SO bad.

The thought of going to a fetal photography place had crossed my mind in the last couple weeks, but I thought, why pay the money, we can just wait a couple more weeks!
So I kind of put it out of my head a little bit, but still looked online at prices and when they could do a gender determination. They can do one as early as 14 weeks! I was 16. I still didn't dare say I wanted to do it... I mean we don't have tooooo much money lying around, ya know...
but, of course Josh said, let's do it!
 The man literally would give me anything I wanted. Or hinted at wanting. I try so hard to be frugal and and NOT spoiled but Josh makes that pretty hard! What a horrible problem to have, right....? I know, poor me :).

The closest place was about 40 minutes away. We decided it would be best not to take goobs on the journey so it could be a more relaxing and focused experience. (Shout out to the Millers for watching him! SO appreciated.)
It was so, so, worth it you guys. It ended up being a really special experience.
My favorite part was the cutest little yawn I've ever seen in my entire life. I think about it all the time now. It was just the neatest thing ever! It's always a really cool experience to watch the little one move on the screen. Those movements are just the most tender thing in the world.



Thursday, January 19, 2012

Second Baby Hugeness

I'm suffering from a condition known as second baby hugeness.

Ok maybe it's not a legitimate medical condition, but either way, I've got it.

I'm 15 weeks today (yay!). Here I am:



Pretty sure that was me at like 7 months last time! Oh well. Looking pregs is exciting, and I know I'm one lucky lady to have a little fetus in me.
(Thank you to Joshie for taking the pics! You da best.)

Goobs had fun outside! Little cutie.


Friday, January 13, 2012

You know you're pregnant when...

you get teary to Lupe Fiasco...

...he WAS singing about kids in the ghetto, but really?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Looky Looky

So this is way random... but I can't sleep (so frustrating!) and this seems like the right thing to do:
Post some more pics of Christmas morning and such that I got from my mom.

First, look how cute my parentals are!


I love them, and I love how much they love each other.

Here's the whole little Christmas clan. Not super flattering for me, but ya know... I like us.


Checkin out the sing-a-ma-jig...


Big boxes are exciting...


Rasta monkey hat, courtesy of Aunt Amanda. So cute, ha...


SWEET headphones from Uncle Eric (along with the sing-a-ma-jig)...we were more than a little excited...


Hangin with the pops, waiting for church...


Who couldn't use another little taste of Christmas again, a couple weeks later?
Hope you enjoyed.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Doc Appointment

I had a second doctor's appointment on Wednesday. You really look forward to appointments when pregs- I mean not ALL aspects of them.. but the exciting outweighs the annoying/uncomfortable. Mainly they are great because you can hear that amazing heartbeat and KNOW that everything is alright. Especially at this point when you can't feel the little one move quite yet. It's always reassuring to hear that lovely sound.
It went really, really well. Blood pressure is great, they said my weight gain was great (although I cringe at my weight even though I've only gained like 2 or 3 pounds since being pregnant- I'm just starting off heavier than last time. By too much. My goal is to weigh the same as I did at the end of my last pregnancy at the end of this one. Does that make sense? I gained 40 lbs last pregnancy, hope to only gain 30 lbs this time. Anyways, hoping that sharing this will make me more comfortable with it!)
aaand the best part was the heartbeat.
Dr. B (he's great) got his little machine (a dopplar?) out and was genuinely surprised at how he could hear it as soon as he put the device on my belly and at how strong it was. He says he usually has to search for at least a few seconds to find the heartbeat at 13 weeks and that it was very strong and very healthy. It was just really nice to hear.

February 9th we get to find out the gender!! Yay!! SO excited for that.


Look at my pretty new blog! Thank you Fairy Blogmother!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Few of His Favorite Things

I know I just did this super recently, but I want to do it again! I've gotta tell you about the things that Morgs likes doing lately.

Recently he just started being all about putting his toys and things on shelves and surfaces... It's so cute! Everything on the table and couch, he put up there.


He likes to randomly hold stuff as high as he an above his head and look up... I don't really get it, but I enjoy it...


He loves to play in his carseat... I love the creepy look I caught him with...


He likes to rough house with mom and dad...


He enjoys nibbling on an occasional Christmas light...


Other random and adorable pastimes that I NEED to get a picture of include pointing at things- random things like the wall and ceiling- and crawling around with something in his mouth like a puppy.

He makes me laugh every day.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Weekend

Hey. A few things.

Christmas was so great! It was completely awesome having my mom and dad here. They are so fun and loving and supportive and great. I'm sooooooo lucky. SO lucky. I'm glad they came all that way just to be with our little family. Morgan wasn't too sure about them at first- he's gotten a lot more shy lately. But I think by the end he was really warming up to them. He decided he didn't like them in his room at night, but other than that they got along so very well :).

Josh worked both Christmas Eve morning and during the night (Like, NIGHT night- 11pm-7am). So I would have been kinda lonely without my parents! But it's good that Josh was bringing home the dough. Time and a half ya know.
Anyways, the morning of Christmas Eve- when Josh was working- we went on a little walk in the canyon. It was great! I love taking morgan out into nature. I know he enjoys the change of scenery. I didn't really expect snow and ice on the walkway and totally wore the wrong shoes- my stylin' rider boots have NO traction- but that's ok. I made it somehow. It was a beautiful place with a frozen waterfall and a little frozen pond.
I loved seeing my dad show him everything. It was the cutest!


Christmas day was relaxed and wonderful. Church was filled with great musical numbers and Morgan was so good. We didn't open presents until both Morgan and Josh woke up from their afternoon naps. Everyone was SO generous with us... we really have some kind and amazing people in our lives. Morgan wasn't as into all the paper and boxes as much as I thought he would be. He was actually more into the toys! We didn't wrap the little wagon full of blocks we got him and he went right for it and totally wasn't interested in anything else. Not even the santa hat that my mom put on his head! Usually he would pull that thing right off! But he didn't even care because he was so into his toys. I did HORRIBLY at taking pictures of the morning... sad! But I know that I was enjoying the moment. I was so excited for him to see all his new toys. He got this awesome wagon/walker thing the he can push around while he walks. He does so well with it- I HAVE to post a video with him using it soon. It's so cute to see him walking with it. He's been doing great walking around wherever he wants in his other walker now but this one is different because it takes a lot more strength and balance. He's so close to walking by himself, it's scary!

Here are the only pics I took of the morning...


Uh, let's also point out that Morgan turned ELEVEN months old today!!!! Whaaaat?!

Ok I know this is getting long! I better stop now. I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year!