Sunday, January 29, 2012

Finding out

On Friday Josh and I got to find out the gender of our very dear little fetus.

My doctor appointment for my ultrasound was set for the 9th, when I will be 18 weeks along but... we were SO anxious to know! I feel like I was more anxious this time than with goobs for some reason. I couldn't wait to find out if we were going to have two little boys, or if Morgan would have a little sister. I would have been so excited about either but... I have to admit I was getting more pumped about thinking about a girl. It seems weird to me to admit saying you want one over the other, because you get what you get, and you'll love them either way... but I was kind of getting over that and really wanting a girl. SO bad.

The thought of going to a fetal photography place had crossed my mind in the last couple weeks, but I thought, why pay the money, we can just wait a couple more weeks!
So I kind of put it out of my head a little bit, but still looked online at prices and when they could do a gender determination. They can do one as early as 14 weeks! I was 16. I still didn't dare say I wanted to do it... I mean we don't have tooooo much money lying around, ya know...
but, of course Josh said, let's do it!
 The man literally would give me anything I wanted. Or hinted at wanting. I try so hard to be frugal and and NOT spoiled but Josh makes that pretty hard! What a horrible problem to have, right....? I know, poor me :).

The closest place was about 40 minutes away. We decided it would be best not to take goobs on the journey so it could be a more relaxing and focused experience. (Shout out to the Millers for watching him! SO appreciated.)
It was so, so, worth it you guys. It ended up being a really special experience.
My favorite part was the cutest little yawn I've ever seen in my entire life. I think about it all the time now. It was just the neatest thing ever! It's always a really cool experience to watch the little one move on the screen. Those movements are just the most tender thing in the world.



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