Tuesday, December 31, 2013

prettiest pics of the cutest baby.

I got a really killer deal on a photography package when I was pregnant. It's a first year deal- maternity, newborn, 6 month, and 1 year photos.  I had been following this photographer since my friend got her birth story done by her. She is AMAZING. Loved the experience, love the pictures.

Ingrid got her photos done when she was about three weeks old. I had heard newborn photo shoots can take four hours long, but I still didn't quite expect it. But it totally did. Four hours. The photographer soothed Ingrid to sleep for every shot and was so good with her. I feel like Ingrid was completely comfortable the whole time- which made me happy. We just totally worked around her. I was really impressed with the experience. Anyways, they turned out wonderfully and I'm so happy to have them. Captures this lady's beauty so well.

Photos by Harlow Moon Photography.

Ingrid Jean's birth story.

Here I am with a seven week old baby and I have yet to record her birth story. I guess my priorities have been with keeping three kids under three alive and well… so I'm ok with that. 

Ingrid was due on November 20th. My previous two were a week or so early, so I was sure this baby would be early too and I was anxious as ever. I felt comfortable hoping for a birth before the due date too because the ultrasound showed that she was a biggy. 

We begin the tale on November 9th. I had been feeling awful all day. I had thrown up a of couple times and I was pretty sure I had the stomach flu. That evening Josh's brother and sister were over. They were all eating pizza and ice cream, having a good old time and watching a movie. I was on the couch feeling sick sick sick. I started having some contractions. I started getting excited because I wanted the baby out sooo bad! I waited until I had quite a few before telling Josh. They got to be very consistent very quickly. We were so lucky that Josh's siblings were out our house so we could just take off for the hospital! We had been worried about the timing of when the baby would come and if Jeff or Jaclyn would make it in time to watch our kids, and how it would all work out. I didn't feel lucky about experiencing labor pains on top of being sick as a dog but I guess the timing was all for the best. The contractions seemed more painful than they were for my other two. I've never really had to cry out in pain from my other two, but this one was getting to that level quickly. 
 I knew I was dehydrated so I just wanted to get to the hospital and hooked up to an IV and stuck with an epidural. (Side note: I HATE IVs- so so much- so the fact that I wanted one was saying something!)

We got to the hospital around 9pm and they hooked me up to monitor my contractions and such. The nurses didn't seem very impressed with their intensity. That was discouraging. I was expecting to be dilated to at least a 4 or 5- I was a 6 when I got to the hospital with Pearl- but I was only between a 3 and a 4! My heart sunk a little, but I was absolutely determined that I was having a baby that night. They mentioned that I might have to go home. They talked about how being so dehydrated had probably triggered the contractions. They gave me an hour to dilate another centimeter and if I wasn't than they would send me home. I said ok, but I was thinking, even if I'm not dilated, going home is not happening! No sir. It's baby time. 

Luckily, I progressed and they gave us the go ahead to stay. 

This labor was so much harder than my other two. I was very focused during labor with my previous ones and liked to quietly concentrate through the contractions. I was a sobbing mess in this one. I definitely calmed down after the epidural but I just can't really express how horrible my body felt. I know I threw up a few times but it's all pretty blurry now. I remember the nurse giving me the IV said I was so dehydrated my blood was like molasses. I went through saline bag after saline bag. But let me emphasize here the glory of the epidural. Sorry all you natural birth believers out there, but I believe epidurals are a God-given gift. I love the things. Yes please. MMMhmmm. Good stuff. 

The labor progressed at a good pace after that. Josh and I were exhausted but so pumped to meet this girl. We both felt really close to her through the pregnancy. Finally they checked and I was at 10cm- ready to push. I could feel the pressure during the contractions and felt way ready. The nurses left to get the things to get the room set up. They said they would be right back…. 30 minutes later they finally came back. I guess a woman had walked into the hospital and pretty much had a baby right on the spot. Ha! I was really worried through the pregnancy that that would be me this time, but it sure didn't turn out like that. 
I only pushed for a few minutes and she was out. I don't know exactly why, but I feel like this time pushing was a little different than the others. I enjoyed it more? That sounds strange but even though I had the epidural I could still feel it really well. The pressure, and her coming out. It didn't hurt at all, I could just feel it. That was really neat. Remembering seeing her for the first time makes me teary as I write this. I love her so much. 

She was born at 3:09am. She weighed 9 pounds 1 ounce and was 21 inches long. The first thing I noticed was how round and chubby her face was. I really was instantly in love with her. 

The doctor that delivered her wasn't our usual doctor since it was a Saturday. I was nervous about that but we absolutely loved him. I think I might even switch to him next time. He did a great job. I didn't tear or need an episiotomy at all!.That was a relief with our 9 pound baby!

During the pregnancy we had told all of our friends and family, and announced on social media, that her name was going to be Parley. When we held her for the first time, we just weren't feeling it. It was the strangest thing. She just didn't look like it to us. A little while after she was born, I held her and stared at her face while Josh was looking up names on his phone. We started talking about Scandinavian names- my heritage. Josh said Ingrid and I looked at that special, chubby face and felt so right about it. It was decided. We knew we still wanted the middle name Jean. It's after Josh's Grandma, a really great woman. 

Recovery went really well. I feel like it's gotten easier with each baby. Josh went right back to work, but my dad came to help out for a week and that was amazing. We are so grateful to Jeff and Jaclyn too, for watching the kiddies during the hospital stay. Also all the wonderful friends who brought dinner, and love- thank you. For reals though thanks for making us feel loved and supported. 

I am one. lucky. girl. 

I tried to photographically document the experience well. Enjoy.