Saturday, August 25, 2012

A day in the life

Just some favorite happenings of today...

Daddy had a great idea of bathing Morgy in the sink alongside our Pearlgirl this evening. I was skeptical whether he would fit, but it he totally did! Probs the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Soapy success.

And, here are these... 
just because I can.

When he does stuff like this I kinda feel like he is a little genius or something. I mean it's what these blocks are made for, but I just feel like it's not too shabby for a 18-monther, yes?

Aaaalso, dad got him this balloon on the way home from Costco yesterday. He kept freaking out whenever he saw balloons at the car dealerships when we passed them. So we stopped by a party store and bought him one. He is OBSESSED. Couldn't go outside without it. 

You know I've gotta leave a pic of my lady...

It must be hard being the cutest girl in the world. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012


     Oh bloggity blog. It's been awhile. There have been SO many times the past few weeks where I've been like, oooh I want to do a little post about this or that- you know, my epic thoughts about life and how obscenely adorable my children are... but, I'm just a little, tiny bit busy with a- shall we say- ACTIVE toddler and a little newborn.

     My little Pearly is doing great. You know how you're not supposed to tell girls how cute and beautiful they are all the time, because then they'll think that's what's important in life? I'm going to have a REALLY hard time with that. She might turn out a little vain, because I can't stop telling her that she's stinking gorgeous. Sometimes I fear I might eat her... just kidding. But seriously. She's so yummy.

     Morgan is the smartest, cutest, hammiest little ham on the planet. I was worried about how I would fit all the love in my heart with having two kids. It's not a problem. I somehow, someway, continue to love him more and more every single day.

      Let's talk about how they've gotten along together. The first week or two, Morgan completely ignored her. Like, completely. The first time he saw her at the hospital he really couldn't care less. I was ready for anything, so I wasn't too bummed. I was intrigued to see how that would progress.
 And progress is has!

      He LOVES her now. He loves seeing her, touching her, talking (and singing) about her. I love how he says her name. Peeyo. So cute. He says "hi peeyo" to her on his own ALL the time now. And he's said "wub bu Peeyo" multiple times on his own. He can repeat almost anything we say now- and does it all the time, he's like a little parrot- (we need to watch what we say!). We tell him to say "it's ok, Pearl" when she's crying and he does. Cute, cute, cute.
     He has hit her quite a few times, and tried to sit on her a couple times... but the hitting is always because he's spazzing out because he's excited to be close to her. It still warrants a time out, though (which has been working great).

(She's not always a fan of his affection)

  So basically their relationship is adorable.

Pearl's been doing pretty good at night- she usually can go two four hour stints. 
She is a gassy little girl though, so she has fussy bouts sometimes. She eats like mega fast. I mean mega mega fast. She usually only breastfeeds for like 5 minutes. I got worried about that a couple weeks ago and took her in. But her weight gain was great! Woo.

Morgan is a fun lovin talkative little guy. And by little I mean big. Sad.. and awesome. He's rockin a buzzed head now. We got it done not even 2 weeks ago and it's already grown like crazy! 
Also, question, is lining up stuff like this normal?

Normal or not, I like it. So cute. 

So that's that with the kiddies. They are the absolute best. I'm the luckiest mama in. the. world.