Monday, December 26, 2011

Nauseated to the Max

Don't you hate it when you feel so, so, gross and nauseated that you KNOW you're going to throw up, and it's only a matter of time before you do? You just have to wait for the nasty feeling to get worse and worse. Ew, that's my fun little situation right now. I've already done this routine once today- pretty sure it's happening again. I've been feeling horrible all day.

It's really a miracle though, the two days before this I've felt fine. My meds ran out on Thursday and I thought I could just go get a refill that day but I didn't realize I didn't have any refills prescribed for it. I need to wait for them to get a new prescription from the doctor but I should have it ready tomorrow. So I've had to go without this weekend. But luckily I've felt pretty darn good besides the mega tiredness for the Christmas weekend. I had SO much fun with my parents- I'm so lucky they were willing to come here. More about that later.


  1. I hope u feel better and i miss u

  2. Heathie, I hope you have been able to refill the nausea meds and are feeling better! I am 1 lucky Grandmother, Morgan is soooo cute and you and Josh are soooo cute with him. I loved watching him when Jaclyn and I were down for Thanksgiving. He is so responsive, and smart! I AM amazed at the way he can entertain himself, especially the way he knows how to look at books. I can't wait to see him and you all again. You are such a blessing to our family, we are excited for the upcoming addition. Two grandchildren - twice the fun. With all my love, Julee (GRAMMEE JULES)