Thursday, December 15, 2011

I said good day!

I just want you guys to know I had a great day today. So there.
Nothing super exciting, just a visit from a great friend, and I went out and about with my guy (the little one), and he was so great. We went to 3 stores and he was just so fun the whole time. I love love love having a little buddy.
Plus, all the goings ons tuckered him out and I put him to bed at like 7:15 and he's pretty much slept the whole time- just woke up to eat.
Although I do need to wake him up soonish to go pick up dad from his work carpool..  I call Josh "dad" often now. Wieeeerd.
Also on the wierd note, I'm wearing footie pajamas. Thank you Sarah. Josh is weirded out by them- makes sense. But they are oh so soft and comfy.

Don't you wish you had a booty load of money so you could buy super sweet things for your wonderful friends and family? I do.
I was planning on doing all this great sewing and baking and making cool gifts this year but I just have noooot been up for it. I'm still feeling sick- though not as much as before. There have been other quite unpleasant symptoms though lately. I'll spare you the details. But the main one involves the complete lack of ability to preform a very, very, necessary bodily function. Not fun.

 Sorry this is so random and broken. I'm tired. And I do what I want.

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