Thursday, December 22, 2011


Let's talk about this pregnancy thing. It's so different this time around. Not only physically, but mentally too. Last time I was pretty much obsessed with the pregnancy. I always knew how far along I was to the day. But this time I'm like, how far along am I now? (Answer: 11 weeks today!) I don't know, it's not a big deal not to know the exact day, it's just different.

But it's such a wonderful, amazing thing, that I do want to think about it more. Our little fetus is a couple inches big now and has all of it's little organs, though they're not fully formed. How cool is that?? We've heard its good, strong heartbeat. The little life inside me can move around and kick already. I know I'm cheesin' it up here, but how amazing is the process of a baby growing inside a person? Even though I can't feel it moving around yet, and I can't feel its heartbeat, I know its alive. Every minute of everyday of my life right now my body is busy growing a baby. 



In other news my mom and pops are coming to visit tomorrow! I'm so excited. I don't think they can fully comprehend yet how much fun they'll have playing with Morgan... :). He's the FUNNEST. They havent seen him since June, I believe. My memory is horrible so I hope that's right. Anyways, I hope they don't mind if the house isn't in perfect order.. ( I know they don't, just I do). Still havent been feeling great but I'm trying to find it in me to get more stuff around the house done.
Wish me luuuck.

PS. Sorry about the new boring look for the blog. I just for kinda sick of the way it looked and changed it- but I don't like it yet.. I'll fix it someday. Soon. 

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  1. YEAH! thats so good im glad all is well in your famliy and another kid on the way so awesome I wish you and your family and morgan and josh a merry christmas, HP im sure your a great mom and ps the backround of you blog is pretty cool i like it! ALSO I miss you, BUDDY! <3 merry chirstmas!