Sunday, June 3, 2012

Washington trip

We got to go on vacation back home to Washington a month ago- it's ALWAYS so good to go back to our hometown. There's something about being there with Joshie that makes me super happy. Back to our roots or whatevs I guess. One of the main reasons we went is my dear mom graduated collage! If you don't know my mom, your missing out big time. She is quite the lady. She is loving, fun, compassionate, and talented in soooo many ways. She graduated magna cum laude from WSU Tri-Cities. So she basically rocked it. And I really like saying magna cum laude- even typing it is fun-  so I like to tell people that... But really, there was never a more dedicated woman to reaching her admirable goals. Life has thrown a lot of stuff at her- and I truly feel that her amazing positive attitude has gotten her through everything. Her great attitude is pretty unique and something that I try to emulate.

Look how cute my parentals are:

They are crazy good to us and I love them.

We are lucky to have some awesome family. We had SO much fun with Grammy Jules, my parents, and all of our sibs. Not to mention all my extended family who came to town for my moms graduation. It was really quite the event. ALL 4 of my moms brothers came, a couple cousins, my grandma on my moms side, my grandparents on my dads side, my great aunt... and I think that's everyone... hopefully I'm not leaving anyone out. Anyways, it was a blast seeing everyone. Lots of them hadn't seem Morgan yet so it was really fun and of course he was a hot commodity. I'm so glad we got to go. 

This is totally insane but I forgot my camera on our trip! I was so bummed! My sister took some really sweet pics like this one though so I'll get some more sometime.. 
P.S. Isn't my sister gorgeous? That's her on the lower right. Just sayin'. 

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  1. Aw, what fun! I love your parents and your Mom - she really is amazing. I loved having her in Young Women's back in the day. You and Amanda look so much alike. =)