Friday, September 21, 2012

Happy girly.

Our Pearlgirl has been so much more smiley of late! Is there anything bettert?
And yesterday she had her very first real giggle. Not happy coos and noises, but real laughter. I love love love that. I remember Morgan's first laugh very well. 
Pearl loves bath time, so thats when it happened. 
After getting some super great giggles from her, I called Jaclyn, my sister-in-law, to grab my camera and come video it. But I already had her all giggled out I guess. But I did get some way fun smiles. So here is the video anyways.
I REALLY apologize for my ridiculousness. You know how it is with babies. And this girl really makes you work for those smiles. 


  1. So what is the flower thing you use to keep her siting up in the sink? With Ethen we had a tub and I never really like it but that seems to work really well.

  2. Yeah I love the flower! It's called a blooming bath. I bought it online here:
    They are a little spendy but so worth it.