Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Schmorgesborg

        I've been just itching to blog but it's just hard to create a semi-focused topic sometimes. There's always Morgan- being cute and learning and growing and being cute. And also being cute. And being super cute. Then there are thoughts that I have about life. Then there is neat stuff Josh is doing. Then there's cool stuff that we've done as a family.
      I guess "cool" to me means getting out of the house- just going to the store and such. We went to Ikea a couple days ago and finally got the boy a new crib. I was so excited because we went to get him a new one around a month ago but they didn't have any! I guess they were all recalled. They told us the new ones wouldn't be in until December and I was SO bummed. He's just been sleeping in his pack and play since then. But I noticed a few days ago on their website that they got their new ones in! We got this wonderful ultra simple crib for only $70! I really like it. I'll take a pic once I get it a little more organized in there.
       Morgan is doing great- so much fun. He has been just fighting to stay up late though. It's sort of nice because he sleeps in late-ish but I do dearly miss those couple of hours after he goes to bed to chill by myself and with Josh. And the 9pm to 9am that he slept before was sooo nice, but I guess I can't reeeaaally complain about the 1am to 10am that he has been doing recently. I know- I really can't. I just had a taste of the ULTRA good life, so the change is a little rough but that's how it goes.
      One thing I've realized about my life lately is that it really is good for me to hang out with friends. It's harder to do now, but a little social activity once in a while is good for me. I'm definitely not social butterfly  #1 (like AT ALL), but I'm always in a really good mood after I hang out with good friends- old and new. It's just a little pick-me-up in life to be around friends who make me want to be a better person.
Shout out to my homies.
I apologize for the scattered nature of this post.

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