Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Cuteness

Yes, the cuteness is Morgan of course.
Even though a part of me feels sad that he's getting older all the time, I truly feel like he's just getting cuter and cuter. I would, right? Seeing him understand more and more about what goes on around him is so neat. I love that he gets all excited to see me. I also love how he has all these different moods now. Sometimes he's just in his own little world playing with a toy (or touching the tag on a toy over and over), sometimes he wants to giggle and have fun, sometimes he just wants to roll all the way across the room, and sometimes he wants to sleep or eat.
He's just such a fun boy.

Today he was so fascinated by the mirror. He's been interested in looking at himself in a mirror for a few months now, but just recently he's been loving it more. Looking in the mirror always makes him smile. I feel like he was in the "his own little world" mood today where it seems like he's learning more by the second as he was looking at himself.

He gets SO fascinated by tags on things.

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