Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Doc

     Morgan had his 6 month appointment this morning. We love our pediatrician; he is awesome. I like how it seems like Morgan is his favorite, even though I'm sure he makes every single patient (or patient's mother) feel that way. The poor boy had to get shots today. That is always rough... more so for me than him I think. He screams when it happens but calms down really quickly. I'm so glad Josh could come with me since he didn't work today, that's always SO nice. I'm pretty dang spoiled having Josh around for the whole day every other day now...
   Morgan has gained about a pound and a half from when I took him in a week and a half ago because I was worried about his eating. I've been supplementing with some bottles and it's been a good move, I think. Even though now of course I'm afraid he'd always rather have a bottle than nurse, but the main thing is that I get enough food in him and he's healthy.
    So, here are the stats:
    Length: 26.5 inches, 53 %tile
    Weight: 17.04 lbs, 42 %tile
    Head Circumference: 17.5 inches, 70 %tile.

    So he's all around fairly average, with a slightly big noggin. But I sure love that noggin.
How could I not?



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