Thursday, August 4, 2011


    Ok, I love Morgan's giggles SO much. They always make me genuinely laugh too- it's pure joy. He's giggling more and more which is so fun. We've probably had three good gigglefests today.
    I need to get better footage of his giggles but I wanted to post a video I took last night. Morgan took a nap close to his bedtime so Josh and I were wondering if he was down for the night, but when we checked on him he was just so happy to see us. Josh took him out of bed, and I think he was pretty excited to be with us. I should have started at the beginning of his giggly mood, it was kind of winding down but you get the idea of how adorable it is. Sorry I was a complete idiot and it's all sideways! haha. I promise I'll post a better one soon. Also, I wish I could edit out my voice... pretty annoying...

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