Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Josh's Take on the Montana Adventure

Montana was so great.  I've never been to The Treasure State and I found that it certainly does contain a bountiful booty of FUN. In addition, I had the pleasure of playing Ladder Golf with two of the best golf ball slingers in this century; Bob and Ginny Halgren. I've never played the game before, but watching and playing with these two professionals lit a fire deep inside me which has continued to grow- I realize now that my calling is to learn everything I can about Ladder Golf. It's hard to know what the most enjoyable activity was with all the S'mores, Bob's fantastic lake tour, the copious amount of watermelon, Ginny's card skills along with her super automatic shuffling robot with the capacity to take over the world, and the ferociously domesticated bears we saw on the drive to West Glacier (I really wanted to see wolverines, but lazy bears were a fine and memorable substitute). 
I think I realized what Montana was about when Heather and I stopped in Lima, MT (my first stop in Montana) to fill up the car. A prospectoresque man came up to me and just started talking to me about where I was from as I pulled the trigger on the nozzle to fill up the Ford. He did most of the talking as I was too mesmerised by his welcoming bright blue eyes, his silky long white beard, his decayed grin, and his lack of fingers. He told a lot of jokes, and he creeped me out a lot too. But Mike (his name) was a friendly soul and he showed me that Montana was about creepy bearded old people, and also that it's about having good times. Heather's always talked about the lake throughout the 2 years we've been married. It is quite the place- but even more than the place, what made the trip so unforgettable was the character of the most loving grandparents/grandparents-in-law/great grandparents. It was a blessing to spend a majority of the week with Bob and Ginny (and Pam too for a bit) - we loved our trip to Montana- and we love them too. thanks Bob and Ginny. 

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