Tuesday, August 2, 2011

This is really happening, people!

      Ok, we are really gonna do the blog thing. I'm excited about it. I think it's a great way to keep in the know with family and friends. And especially with the little guy around, there is usually some sort of new thing or excitement going on. So... truth be told most of it will probably be about him. Just warning you.
     So the question in, what's going on with the Perry's right now? Josh is working at the place I used to work- sort of. I worked at Maple Lake Academy, which is a residential treatment center for girls. It's a little different than other residential treatment centers in that it focuses on nonverbal learning disorders and Asperger's Syndrome. Kind of those issues that greatly affect social skills. There's a lot of auditory processing issues and ADD and ADHD and things of that nature too. But anyways, Maple Lake Academy opened up a school for boys in June and Josh is working there.He is a "mentor", which means he just goes though the boys' schedule with them and makes sure they're doing what they are supposed to. He's really loving it. He is seriously the perfect guy for the job. Seriously. He's really great at connecting with people, communicating, holding boundaries, teaching, and being hilarious. Those are all essential qualities for the job.
      I get to hang out with Morgan all day! He's just the best little guy ever. It's so fun to have a little buddy all the time. I mean, he has grumpy times, but even those are adorable. He hasn't been liking nap time a ton, but at least he sleeps GREAT at night. Usually 10 hours straight. I'm one lucky mama! He's been on sort of eating strike and only nurses for 5 minutes or less at a time so that's been stressing me out. I took him the doctor since I was so worried and the doctor said it was pretty normal for him to go through phases like that. I worry about his weight gain but if the doctor says not to worry, I should probably take his advice...
     Morgan has his 6 month appointment tomorrow! It completely blows my mind that the boy is 6 months. Wow. I'm excited to get all of his stats tomorrow but not for the shots. I'll probably post about how it goes!

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