Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Road Triiiiiiiip!

         I'm typing this post from my brand spanking new MacBook Pro. It's so beautiful!  I still can't believe it's mine. I actually don't know anything about macs but I'm having fun learning. I just got it yesterday. I received a lovely monetary gift from my grandparents that made it possible. I've been using Josh's little netbook for the past few months because my old laptop (which I really loved and is hard to part with) has a broken battery adapter port- which has already been fixed and broke again. So sad. But.. hello gorgeous new mac!
       I'de like to backtrack a little though, to the purchasing experiance of said mac. So Josh, Morgan and I head to our local Mac store. I had done my research (on MacBook Pro vs. the Air) and knew which one I wanted. So we know what we want, get our/Josh's student discount (woo), and bam, it's mine. We bring it home and Josh sets it up for me. Well, tried. When he turned the computer on it wouldn't leave the welcome screen. The pointer icon thingy was in thinking mode and it seemed to be frozen. It was so dissapointing. We were watching our friends Tyler and Erika's way cute baby that evening so I had to leave Josh with two babies to go back to the store.  They gave me a new one which was good. When I got home and we opened it, we realized that the previous one didn't have a lot of the original packaging. I was a little amped that they would give us a returned or refurbished computer without noticing when we dropped so much moolah for it. But in the end, I have my beautiful new, (legitimately new) functioning mac and am loving it. 
        But also what's neat about me typing this post is that I am in a car on the way to Montana! Off to visit Grandma and Grandpa Halgren. Josh posted that little piece of info last night about our trip. It's kind of spur of the moment, I just was thinking Monday morning about how we planned to visit Grandma and Grandpa next summer and how I excited I was. But then I started thinking about how I wanted to go sooner than that. And it was plausible with the aforementioned monetary gift. But if we were to go sooner than next summer, the next 2 weeks were our only options, since Josh would be in school. And next week Josh is working a ton so the only option was… this week. I couldn't get the thought to go out of my head. Luckily Josh is amazing and was down with my crazy hair-brained schemes. He found people to cover his 2 shifts at work, and it was set. 
      I love visiting my grandparents. They are the kindest, funnest people ever. They live on a lake and I have SUCH fun memories of being up there throughout my childhood. We would go a few times a year. We would fish, boat, paddleboat, 4 wheel, roast s'mores, go on walks to the meadow, and play tons of games. I don't think a place could get much funner. It's funny now though, Josh and I are mostly looking forward to relaxing more than anything else. Relaxing with my awesome grandparents. Some fishing and 4 wheeling may happen, but we'll see. I'm excited for Morgan to experience new sights and sounds and be able to hang out with his great-grandparents more. 

I'm sure I'll blog it up after the trip about our adventures!

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