Saturday, August 27, 2011

With the babe, there is ALWAYS something new that's going on with him. The constant change happening before your eyes makes the sometimes monotonous life of a mommy so exciting. A few days ago Josh noticed Morgan's very first tooth coming through. Josh was rubbing some fluoride that the doctor had given us on Morgan's gums and he felt it. He yelled at me to come and feel it/see it and there it was! SO cute. I do feel like the teething thing has him more on edge, but he's still a generally happy little guy.

A video of the goobs were you can actually see him. Neat, right?

Shout outs:

-Jaclyn! I'm so happy you're here! You are awesome. I must commend your performance in Settlers of Catan last night. Well done.

-Turek Clan! Lunch was way fun and it was soooo good to see you guys.

-Ikea! Thank you for being so family friendly. I'm so impressed with the free diapers in the bathroom situation. And wipes. Also thank you for the array of aesthetically pleasing yet practical products you offer.

-Kira and Austin! I'm so happy you guys are back in town. Your son is so great. So are you guys. I look forward to more hang outage in the near future. Our sons are going to be best buds, pretty much.

-Joshie! I love you. so. much.

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  1. WOOT!! we're totally back! They already are best buds! I love the pictures!! and you guys!