Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What the...

My child is still awake. What is going on? He usually goes to sleep around nine. Ten at the latest. He just won't go to sleep tonight. He's not crying much or anything, just talking and whining in bed. It's cute but strange... He's currently out of bed, and so red-eyed, but so happy to not be in bed. Now the boy is just chilling and playing with his toys. Not gonna lie, don't really know what to do for him right now. We fed him, burped him, changed him, gave him ora-gel, gave him tummy medicine, cuddled him. Now I guess all we can do is bask in his cuteness some more. I'm ok with it.
Ha, I love that one.

On another note- today was a really great day. It won't sound very exciting, but I'll tell you about it anyways. Morgan didn't wake up until 9:20, which was awesome. I mean, usually he sleeps until 9, so it wasn't too crazy, but it was still nice. I felt productive getting cleaning and laundry done. I made contact with our landlord about our super leaky faucet and things are going to happen with that. (Our tub now drains beautifully, thanks to Josh). The highlight was going to the mall with my boys. I know- we like to keep it classy. The main objective of that voyage was to get our printer ink cartridge refilled... woo. It was just really fun though- it felt like a real date with Josh even though the boy was with us. He was so good. They both were. Even when I spent time looking for some new boots, which I knew wasn't super interesting for either of them. (I did get some sweet new boots :)). We also got some grub at the mall at this sub place called Charlies. I like that place because they cook the meat for the sandwiches right in front of you. I got a delicious philly cheessteak. Mmmm. It was a splurge. I was going to make this awesome looking Greek Style Meatloaf tonight for dinner, which I've REALLY been looking forward too, but that sandwich was pretty bomb-diggity. And zero work. Perhaps I can make that meatloaf on Friday for our buddies the Senneff's? It's kind of different so I don't know if they would be down.. (Erika.. let me know? I won't be offended if it sounds weird to you!)
Anyways, besides the boy just going to bed like 20 minutes ago, it was a goooood day.
I. Am. So. Lucky.

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  1. Oh my goooosh. Morgan gets me every time.

    But anyway, that sounds delicious to us! We can't wait to see you guys tomorrow!