Thursday, September 15, 2011


Yup, two posts in one day. I'm a machine.
I just wanted to give more of an update on what's actually going on in our charmingly ghetto apartment, besides a mega leaky shower faucet with a ultra mega plugged drain. I think Josh is going to get in there tonight with one of those snake thingys, bless his heart. Methinks my postpartum hair has really done a number on that drain. This was just going to be a quick mention without an explanation, but really that thing is so bad. We have draino-ed it so many times, and have tried enough baking soda and vinegar to sink a ship- not joking. The landlord says a plugged drain is something we have to fix. But he's going to come look at our oven that periodically catches on fire and our constant little waterfall from the faucet and fixtures in the tub. We keep our bathroom door closed all the time right now because the sound is so annoying.
On a brighter note, (eeh, kind of) my grandparents came by today for a visit. I say it was only kind of a brighter note because they were in town for a funeral- my great aunt. She was THE sweetest lady ever. She will sure be missed.
So Grandma and Grandpa Halgren were staying in Utah for a couple days and we had the privilage and honor of seeing them.

Other than that, I've just been chilling with Morgan. I've recently experienced a renewed enjoyment of cooking, and that's been good. I think it really did stem form eating at Chef's Table (realizing good food is so... good!) I love being proud of something I've made and it makes me even more happy when Josh loves it. Not that I'm ANYTHING near gourmet, and still use my crockpot at least a couple times a week. Yesterday I've planned out meals for the next whole month- my goal is to stick to that and to stay well within the grocery $ budget.

Josh is busy with school and work and being the best husband a girl could ever possibly dream of. He's also been busy making these sweet 72 hour packs for us. He's been researching a TON and putting together all the best stuff. He's been doing a really great job- I know it's turned out to be a lot more tedious than anticipated. He's been doing such a great job with them and it comforts me to know that we have them and that they are EXTREMELY well thought out. I hope he blogs about it when they're all done. If he doesn't, you know I will. But at any rate, we will be prepared for that zombie apocalypse.

As for our favorite little 7 1/2 month old (whoa, exactly), he's busy being the cutest ever and melting our hearts. I feel like he's looking more like a litte boy instead of a baby everyday. *sigh. But it's only a catalyst to his cuteness. Plus, all of his new and developing skills are SO exciting.
I'm really glad he likes his walker- it's great when I'm in the kitchen cooking or doing dishes. He's got walking/bouncing backwards thing down.
If you've seen the video I posted on facebook, not to worry- this one is different :). I might have taken a few... it's just too cute

Other exciting Morgan things... he's gotten the "pincer grasp" down pat and grabs pretty much everything with his forefinger and thumb. So cute.
I truly feel like he says "mamama" around me more and "dadada" around Josh more. It is neat.
He does this cute little bye-bye wave with his hands and can mimick it when he feels like it..
He's not crawling yet but he can sure pivot and role to where he wants to go.
He sits up totally fine and has gotten good at transitioning from sitting up to laying down without falling and bonking his poor little head. I'm glad he's gotten better at that.

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  1. I could watch this video a zillion times.

    Now, usually I hate when people try to marry their kids off as babies...But, I really think Morgan and El need to get married. It's just... He's the cutest boy baby and she's the cutest girl baby so it is the only thing that makes sense.

    Also, I just saw the post from Josh where he asked you on a date. That is the cutest thing I've ever seen.