Saturday, November 12, 2011


So, I was perusing pictures and videos of M-sauce last night and marveling about how much he's changed over the past 9 months. He's such a little boy now. It's really fun to look back on his newborn pictures and see that funny little lump of a guy who just slept and cried and ate and pooped.

There are literally no words for how amazing it is to see that cute little lump learn and grow. I loved him since I met him. Even before that. But even though it seems impossible, I love him more every single day. Even the kinda tough days of which recently there have been many because of some hardcore teething. Even when he's having a rough time I still feel like he's a innately happy boy with such a bright spirit. Photobucket
He seriously has such a fun personality! I can't begin to explain how blessed I feel.

Looking at the videos was really fun. Here is one from when he's about 2 months, and just starting to smile. It was so exciting- we were really pumped about it. Especially me I guess... sorry about my annoying/spastic talking/whatever I'm doing. My best bud Laura took this video when she was visiting from Washington. It's just so funny to look back on now, because he seems almost catatonic... or like he had a stroke or something. Here is the 2 month Morgan:

And here is the 9 month Morgan:

Fun, fun, fun. He's crawling everywhere now and is always pulling himself up on his knees. It's quite adorable.

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  1. AWE his growing up thats so good he is so adorable! i see him gronwing up and its so amazing how fast things change ur going to be a great mom! he is so lucky