Thursday, November 24, 2011

I just have to....

Ok, this is SERIOUSLY cliche and probably lame, but I have to do it.

I need to talk about my ridiculously blessed life and try to express how grateful I am for all of it. I'm already having trouble finding words to express how I feel, because it is just so intense. Really, if there is one word I could use about how I feel about my life, it would be grateful.

I'll just try to touch on the essentials here.
First and foremost, I am SO grateful for the relationship I have with my Savior. What indescribable joy it gives me to feel His love and to be close to the Spirit of the Lord. It gives me a confidence about life and gives such deep meaning to family and relationships. This relationship with the Lord gives me an eternal perspective- which helps me to be focused on the things that matter most. And these are the things that bring me the deepest joys.
I am so grateful to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

The only thing that is almost comparable to the first is the relationship I have with Josh. I have never met a man, so good, so loving, so EVERYTHING I could ever hope for in a man.
(p.s. If you are getting sick of me pouring out my little soul, I would stop reading- cause there is so much more!)
Josh's love for me is the most profound thing I have ever experienced. Never has anyone been more concerned about my happiness. He tells me AND shows me every single day that my happiness and well being are of the utmost importance to him. He makes me feel so worthy of his love.
I love him with all that I have and feel like hands down, THE luckiest girl EVER.
It brings me such happiness to make him happy, and he feels the exact same way about me. So basically there's a bunch of happiness bouncing back and forth between us, radiating off of us and forming this immense feeling of joy. Sounds crazy, huh? Nope, it's AMAZING.
I know that some people think of marriage as a restricting thing- the old ball and chain. I would like to completely refute that and tell you this truth- NEVER are you more free to love than in marriage.

If you know me, I'm sure you could guess what comes next. My delightful little boy. I'm so enamored with him. He is a happy, fun, loving boy. I feel like I talk about him ALL the time so I promise I won't go on about him this time. Even though I could. Anytime, anywhere. He brightens up my life and has made my capacity to feel and to love expand exponentially.

I am also SO grateful for my family. The one I grew up in. My parents... are such. good. people. Seriously... they just absolutely don't come any better. To know how loved I am by them touches me very deeply. My siblings also have a big part of my heart. I think about our childhood and how much I love them and enjoy being with them often. I really miss them, and want them to know that so badly. The relationships with my sister and my brother are ones that I strongly desire to strengthen- because I love them. I need to act on that more.
I'm also grateful for the family I married into 2 and a half years ago. I genuinely love being with them and feel so blessed to have these amazing people in my life. Amazing and fun people :). I just love them and feel warmly accepted by them.

And my friends? The ones who really, really, for reals, care about me? They are HUGE blessings in my life. I love and care about them so much, and I think about them every day. Man, I'm just so lucky!

Oh, the list could go on, and on, and on.

I mean, I'm grateful of my sonicare toothbrush, ikea, quality toilet paper, and things of that nature- but I just wanted to touch on those things that matter most.
Things in my life that make my heart literally full to the brim with gratitude.


  1. This post was amazing! The Josh and the Savior part made me cry. You are so great!

    Also, super jealous of the sonicare tooth brush! You're one lucky girl!

  2. I really, really appreciate that. Thanks so much. Ok seriously, I know right?