Saturday, November 5, 2011

Applique Lovin

Hey look what I made!
So cute, huh?
I kinda loooove them.


I would have made more tonight but these onseies are the only ones I had out- the rest were in M-dog's room where he was sleeping. And the boy did nooooot nap today so there was NO way I was going to risk waking him up. It was kinda a long day. I really think those two front teeth are coming in soon! Pretty sure they've been bugging him lately. Poor guy.
But he's also getting SO playful and loves to climb around you while you're holding him and gets way excited to do it. He just wants to go everywhere and touch everything. And eat everything. Except baby food sometimes. But sometimes he likes it.
Oh, also I fed him peas for the first time today! Not the mashed up kind. I think he's ready for more finger foods and less runny stuff.

1 comment:

  1. those are so so so so cute and I'm so proud that he tried peas maybe he all end up like me and LOVE peas