Sunday, July 21, 2013


I think about the ol' bloggity blog often but write in it rarely these days. How the heck am I supposed to take the time to capture in writing what life is like right now when I'm so busy living it?
But life is so hectic and beautiful that I really would like to try to write about it more- you know. For posterity's sake. Or whoever else wants to know about it.
Also, it bugs me how our family pic and tabs need some mad updating... like, remember how we had Pearl a year ago? Yeah, we should probably get her a tab now. I just gotta talk to my girl Erika, save up a little dinero, and doooo it. I think I want a whole new design.

Pearl is sure growing up. Her grins and giggles make my day. She just walks around, smiles and says "hi" to me, and gets into stuff. She loves balls, books, and cars like her brother. She's babbling all the time and can say apple, ball, mama, and dada. She loves to bounce to daddy's beatboxing and singing. She's often victim to Morgan's rambunctiousness but takes pretty well if she's not already tired.
She loves to do the "stinkbug" and stick her booty in the air and give you funny looks. She likes to lay on the ground and give silly looks like Morgan used to- and also put blankets on her head then pull it off to play peek-a-boo. She loooves necklaces and putting them on.
The curls she's getting in the back of her hair are killing me. Her dark eyes make my heart explode with love every day.

Morgan doesn't go one second without talking. He's at the stage of a million questions. ("What's that noise?" "What's that?" "Where does that come from?") It's super exhausting and super cute and wonderful. He learns so much every day. I won't lie and say it's never annoyed me, but at the end of the day I just think about him and how hilarious and special he is. The boy loves to sing. He loves to play cars  and legos- especially with mom and dad or anyone who will. Also his independent play is getting so, so fun to watch and listen to. His cars have the best conversations with each other. The other day a car he had in one hand said to the car in his other hand, "I'm gonna push you!", and proceeded to hit the other car. Then he grabbed his really big car and it drove over and said, "What happened?". The other car told the "mama car" what happened and the mean one had to go in time out. There have been tons of great conversations like that- also cars have been changing other cars diapers and putting each other down for naps.
He's still a cuddle bug with his blankie and thumb in his mouth.

nature is good.

Our favorite little fetus, Parley, is doing just fine and dandy. A few weeks ago was my 20 week appointment and everything is looking great. She's measuring a few days bigger than the due date. The best development on the Parley note is all the movement I've been feeling the last month or so. I love love love feeling her squirms and kicks, reminding me that she's in there. I don't get a ton of time to sit and daydream about her with a one and two year old so those reminders make me really happy. I know in a couple months those reminders will get more uncomfortable and even painful, so I'm really appreciating them right now. They are strong enough to see and feel from the outside but not strong enough to hurt. Laying down on my back, propping my head up, and watching them in the evening after the kids go to bed is my absolute favorite.

We told Morgan this morning that he could talk to Parley through my belly button, so he lifted my shirt and talked to her- he said, "Do you love me, Parley? Are you in there?" It was the cutest. 

Here's our girl at 20 weeks in my belly. I'm almost 23 weeks now. She looks a little like a who from Whoville, but we sure love her.

And Josh and I? 
We are still just madly in love, basically. Our four year anniversary is on Wednesday. So maybe I'll save all the mushy things I want to say and do a post then. 

To say a little somethin' just about me, I got my hair done yesterday. I love getting my hair done. It's just what a mama needs in life. 
Got me some bangs.

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