Friday, July 12, 2013

birthday girl.

Pearl's first birthday was June 30th!
Every momma says it, but it's unbelievable how time flies. But I think back on the past year and I know that there's a billion more memories to make and learning to do- and that's really beautiful stuff, so I try not to get down that she's leaving babyhood. (It's ok to cry about it every once in awhile though, right?)

We had a party for her the day before, since it was a Saturday and all. We live in a place with a great yard so I was excited to have it outside. I was worried it might be deathly hot, since the highs were hovering around 100 degrees but there was plenty of shade and it really wasn't bad. And we pulled out the kiddie pool for Morgan and whoever else wanted to cool down. (Which was the one other kid his age, his beloved friend Eloise.)

In all my silly momness, I had to have a theme. I thought of a "you are my sunshine" theme, and was excited because it seemed so perfect and so original but of course after a pinterest search I found that it's been done a ton. But I loved it and it turned out really nice. It was so fitting for my sweet little Pearly!

I cheated a little and did a cake photo shoot a few days ahead so I wouldn't have to worry about taking a lot at the party. I'm so happy with how it turned out!
She liked the cake pretty well! I remember Morgan wasn't too sure about cake for his first birthday, so I was happy to see she was more ready to dig in.

Here are some pics from the cake photoshoot:


And here are pics from the party:

they jumped right in before we could get swimsuits on them.

I love our Pearl so much. I often call her "the sweetness", and while it's pretty mushy, it's true. She's the sweetest, funnest, greatest girl in the world. She puts up with a TON with her wild big brother- I think she'll be a tough one.

She's walking all the time now- it's kinda the cutest thing ever, especially since she's so tiny. She was only 17 lbs 13 oz at her one year appointment! Teeny tiny. Yet she has the yummiest thick rolly legs. And her booty- it's legit big. Like, ghetto booty. Morgan and Pearl wear the same size diapers! It's pretty funny- and darn cute. Love our little pear shaped lady.

Here's to year number two with our little sunshine girl!

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