Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hello again, blog of mine.

       It's been awhile. I slapped a picture on a post a couple weeks ago but that's been it for far too long.

       And the whole making the blog private thing? I thought I'd feel weird about it, because I was like, what if I want to try to grow my blog or something? (ha...) But I actually feel really really good, and totally at peace about it. Sorry if I'm making the decision a little too dramatic. Avoiding drama is actually the point of making it private! I don't want to be annoyingly vague about the reasons and I don't want to be all TMI about it, so I'll just tell ya it's for the best!

     I really feel like life has been a blur since Mother's Day. We've been so crazy busy. I don't know why but I feel like it's been the busiest time of my life! We've had visitors one after the other (all of whom are the loveliest of people!), three birthdays within a week and a half, and all those stinkin' holidays. I say stinkin' but it's really been a blast. A ton of family and friend time. But I think it's taken it's toll on us because we're all sitting at home sick with colds now. I say it was worth it!

   In all my spare minutes I've been trying to pick up my knitting needles. I've fallen in love with knitting again. I just finished my first sweater and I have to say I'm so proud! I can't wait to make more. In fact, I think I'm going to try to get some knitting time in right now while the kiddies sleep!

    After I eat that is. Because I seem to ALWAYS be hungry these days. I must be growing another human inside me or something!

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