Friday, March 22, 2013

favorite morgy moments.

I know kids are just funny people, period.

 But this boy... his personality is so over-the-top hilarious. The quotes I want to share don't completely do him justice. You have to see him doing his funny little dances (all the time!) around the house- no music necessary. You have to see the looks he gives us (especially Aunt Jaclyn for some reason) during mealtimes. You have to hear the way he talks to Pearl, trying to mimic the way I talk to Pearl. You have to see him wrestle with Josh- the way the boy full on flings himself on him, no fear involved. The way he puts anything and everything on his head because he thinks it's funny- food, bins, boxes, blankets. The head thing has been a favorite gig of his since he was a year or so.

Anyways the talking thing is the greatest. Some favorite things he's said:

-pointing to a little statue we have up high on a shelf of Jesus praying, "Jesus climbed up there!"

-looking at the noisy pigs outside, "mommy, the pigs are burping! *grunt* Morgan's burping too!"

-to Aunt Jaclyn "Jacky, are you Jack-in-the-box?"

-when he had a diaper rash last week he kept saying "my poor little bum!"

-he was eating lunch and he closed his eyes and said "dear Heavenly Father." I asked if he was praying and he said "no, I'm trying to poop." 

-when Pearl was eating some snacks and she finished them, he noticed and said, wagging his finger at her "I'll go get you some more ok? I'll be right back!" And he climbs on the shelf in the kitchen to get her more. 

- when it's nap time or bed time and he says, "I'm too tired to go to bed!"

I'm sure I'll think of more after I post this. But that's all for now. Bedtime for this girl. 

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