Saturday, March 9, 2013

getting out of the house.

My littles had just recovered from a round of croup when the stomach flu hit Morgan, then me, then Josh. And we just had it a few weeks ago! Ugh. This winter has been tough.
But we're juuust about recovered. And we HAD to get out of the house today. We hadn't gotten out all week. It had been pretty nice out while we've been cooped up. So we made big plans today since we're feeling a little better: The park, lunch, and grocery store. Those are what "big plans" mean at this point in my life... I've embraced it. We had a blast!

The weather actually turned out to be super cold today, but we still bundled up and went out. Lucky for us it was Aunt Jaclyn's day off so she could hang with us. We are such luckies. 

This day was well documented. Here's the proof. Josh was the main photographer so sorry you don't get to see much of him.

Um, one more disclaimer. I have no idea how to arrange a lot of pictures on here in a aesthetically pleasing manner. I get so frustrated. Someone (Erika?) help me. 

Note to self- don't go out in public again until I get my hair done. My bangs are gross! And my color? Let's not even go there. I feel like my hair takes a year to recover from having a baby. Is that normal? Anyways, so why am I posting this? Because I want to show Pearl when she's a teenager that we used to hang out all the time and she liked it. *Longest caption ever*


Can you see Morgy?

just slipped on the snow... not super happy about it

checking the damages 

happy lady

ready for lunch

she loves the cart. like, spazzing out with excitement the whole time.

lets pretend taking pictures at the store in normal.

I love hanging out with these guys!


  1. It has been a tough Winter I agree! Roger and I both had colds for 3 weeks each and we've had Strep throat twice each in just past few months!! ugh!!!

  2. Cute pictures! I love that when fall comes around, 50 degrees is soooo cold, but going from winter to spring, 50 degrees is warm and heavenly! We have been rejoicing over the warmth coming too!

    ...and just a funny side note...the 2nd to last picture of Morgan looks like he is happily holding what I am hoping is a pine cone or chocolate and hopefully not poo! Knowing some of the things that Katelyn has tearfully had to leave behind that she loved so dearly makes me think that whatever is in his hand really could be ANYTHING :)

  3. Haha, it's a pinecone! Not to worry. I was going to say something about that but I forgot. Yeah he was clinging to it from the park- I was cool with it.
    Kids are sure funny like that!