Monday, March 4, 2013

I've for real been wanting to blog more. There's so much to say about life!
But... kiddies keep me busy. Real busy.

Anywho, I wanted to share this tiny little story with you. And write it down for my own sake, so I remember it. I never want to forget the power of prayer. It's for real you guys.

So, about three days ago, I started to have a horrible feeling in my tummy. The one that never leaves, it just lessens when you take your mind off of it, but gets worse when you actually think about what's making you feel that way. It was because I had realized I had no idea where my (brand new, cost of one of my hubby's paychecks) camera was. NO IDEA. I swear, I ALWAYS put it on my little kitchen desk. There really wasn't a lot of places to look- our abode is not large. Telling Josh was the worst.

 "Um... I can't find my camera."
"What? The one we spent $X on?."
Pained look. "I don't want to hear that."
"And I don't want to say it... but it's true"

Yuck. I know the man will always love me no matter what, but it's the worst to disappoint someone, isn't it? I do want to add that he went on to say that we could save up and buy another one. Can you believe the guy? He knows how much I loved the camera. He's just the best.

 I became convinced that Morgan did something to it. I would ask him, "where's mommy's camera?" Hoping he would walk me there and say "riiiight here", like he does with other things. No dice. Just blank stares.
I still thought Morgan putting it somewhere crazy was my best bet. I kept thinking about the garbage. Maybe he put it in there and I somehow didn't see it. So, last night (I don't know why I waited until night- more dramatic I guess...) I armed myself with plastic gloves (thanks nurse Jaclyn!) and a sweet knife and flashlight (thanks Joshiebear) and headed out. Sifted through all our nastiness. Not my finest moment... probs in the top ten lowest.

It wasn't in there... that was my last resort!

I came inside and felt pretty hopeless.
I DID know one thing I hadn't tried. Because I'm an idiot like that. I went into our bedroom prayed my little heart out. Praying is so good.
I felt at peace for the first time in three days. I ended it and knew I just had to do my part and keep looking. I sifted through the clothes in the laundry basket. Then I randomly looked in this cardboard box Josh had up high on his closet shelf. One of the most joyous reunions of my life!
Then it came back to me- being in our bedroom with Morgan and he was being so wild, I wanted it to be up high where he could never reach it. First it was joy, then it was "why am I SO dumb?! Why did I forget that?!", then joy again. We'll focus on the joy. I DO worry about myself though. Forget prego brain, mama brain is so much worse! For me at least.
Anyways, I'm just feeling so grateful.

Hello again, lovely.

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  1. I love this so much. I'm so glad you found your camera.
    Prayer is totally awesome. I always use it as a last resort when I actually need something (horrible!!) and always feel so dumb afterwards for forgetting to pray until I exhausted all other options.