Monday, December 31, 2012

something new

Saturday night, I did something I've never done before.

I went to a movie BY MYSELF. You know, like the weirdies do. I worked at a movie theater for a few years in high school  and a couple summers after that in collage. I've seen the sorts of lone movie goers that are out there. So I've always been afraid to do it- I've always thought it was weird. And well, it is.


I'm so glad I did it! I was dying to see les miserables. I've read the book and am in love with the story. It's just beautiful. And epic. And heart-wrenching.
So I've been bugging Josh about how I HAD to go see it.
And Saturday he was like, "you should just go after the kids are in bed". Uh, good one Josh... that would be sooooo weird. I'm not THAT desperate.
Then, after the kids were in bed, he told me again that I should go. Then I thought about sitting in the theater watching that powerful, beautiful story. And I went. And it was really fun. This mama doesn't get a ton of alone time, (what mama does?) and I was relishing it.

I would totally do it again, for a movie I REALLY wanted to see. (Although I would still hope I didn't see anyone I knew.)

So worth it.

Go do something you've been too scared to do. 


  1. I have seen several movies by myself and I love it. A lot. I can cry as much as I want and can take my time. It's a beautiful situation for independence and I believe you that you appreciated it more post-mama-hood. :) I'm glad you went!!

  2. I know what you mean about feeling weird about that. I did that to see Inception a few years ago! =) So worth it for a good movie

  3. What a brilliant idea! Next time, let's go together.

  4. Liz- I like you. You're my role model. Is that ok?
    Marisha- I'm glad you feel me. Thanks for commenting!
    Jess- Yes! Let's be friends again please. I'm not scared of you anymore, so it's all good.