Tuesday, December 25, 2012

feelin' the festive

This year, towards the beginning of the Christmas season, I was having a little bit of a hard time feeling the excitement and anticipation that usually comes with this time of year.

 I think I was just a feeling a little burnt out. Can I just put out there that having two kids is like... twice as crazy as having one? Not that having one isn't work- it IS!- but I think I was STILL getting used to getting in the swing of things with both kiddies. I'm probably just slow.
(It's gotten a lot better.)
I was also feeling a lot of pressure about this Christmas because Morgan knows more of what's going on and this Christmas had the potential to be a huge, epically fun deal for him. And it was all on me! Which is a fun thing- to be able to plan, and think about what he would like the most- but for some reason I was getting a little overwhelmed.
I also wanted to sew some gifts for my family and the order just seemed so tall.

Josh was so cute and was really excited about Christmas so he really helped me get in a festive mood. We listened to Christmas music A LOT, which really helped. Especially the ones about Christ. ("O Holy Night" is my absolute favorite, in case you were wondering.) We also budgeted for a few Christmas decorations- and that really helped too. That hubs of mine is always trying to find ways to make life better for me. Oh, that man. I love him. He's cute too. Just saying.

We also set aside a whole day to go out do fun Christmasy things. It was a couple Saturdays ago and the plan was to go see some reindeer (at Thanksgiving Point), go to the new mall in Salt Lake to see Santa, eat there, go to temple square, and then drive through the "festival of lights" in Spanish Fork.

Soooo the day came and it was basically a blizzard outside. We made it to the reindeer but decided that the drive to Salt Lake was a little too risky.

(the snow doesn't look bad at all in these pictures but it was getting foggy and was supposed to snow a lot more...)

It all worked out though- we went to a mall closer by, ate at an awesome local burger joint, and went to the festival of lights. It was great to get out and do some festive things and be able to experience Morgan's excitement and teach him about everything he sees. 

We had talked up Santa a lot and have been reading Christmas books but he was just not ready to meet the man... 

Poor kid. 

Feeling of festiveness hit full force in the following couple of weeks and I was able to get everything done I wanted AND sit back and enjoy the season. Success!

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