Thursday, December 13, 2012


And lots of them lately.

I'm so sick of the sicknesses up in here! Yuck. The worst is the coughing. Josh and I are both hacking up our lungs lately. Morgan has had cold symptoms for a couple weeks now, and he had a couple days last week of a high fever. I took him in and found out he had an ear infection. He is doing SO much better after a few days of antibiotics. Now he is a happy wild little boy instead of a grumpy wild little boy and that makes things so much more fun.

The day after I took Morgan to the doctor I got to thinking Pearl's symptoms seemed a lot like Morgans so I got worried she had an ear infection and took her in the next day. They probably think I'm a hypochondriac. For my kids. Luckily they're really nice there and I really like the doctor. Turns out Pearl has croup, which she has actually had before. We basically just have to run a humidifier and work on getting all those boogies out of her cute little nose.

Both kiddies are doing a lot better now, which makes me happy. I was the last one to get the cold though and mines at its worst right now. I've got the sore throat thing going on and totally sound like a man right now.

I don't think I've blogged yet about how crazy Morgan has been about sleeping this past month. Luckily he is doing SO much better now- but he was sure being ridiculous about naps and bedtime before. Naps were always worse. It was taking him about two hours everyday to fall asleeep... oy. He would just mess with eeeeverything in his room then fall asleep in a corner. Or in a dresser drawer. Or his the bottom of his shelf where his laundry basket should be. After employing many, many methods to end the madness I found it best not to go in there at all. I just resisted the urge, no matter how crazy things sounded in there and waited for him to fall asleep wherever. I then went in and moved my cute sleeping boy to his bed. He's doing way, way, better now! Hallelujah.

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