Thursday, January 3, 2013

siiiiiix months!

What the what? I know. The lady is six months old.

Her appointment today was an adventure. 
Lets just say the boy Morgan himself is a walking, talking, adventure. There was throw up and tantrums and bonks on the head to be had this morning on our outing. 

Buuuuut this post is about Pearl. That lovely girl. 
She's still the petite thing she's always been- weighing in at only 14lbs 3oz. That's only the 16th percentile. She's 25.5 inches long, which is the 32nd percentile. 

Sidestory: The other day I was researching homemade baby food techniques and I came across some stuff on infant reflux. I looked into it and Pearl has just about every single symptom that goes along with this issue. The arching her back and unlatching and choking and coughing when she eats. The spit up and not gaining a lot of weight. I saw that there are medicines that can help babies when the problem is persistent, like Pearl's. So I was excited to talk to the doc about ways to get Pearly feeling better about her eating. I got her some meds and although I only started them today, I already feel like there is some improvement. Yay! I love love love breastfeeding her when she eats well. It really is some hardcore bonding. I'm glad I've stuck with it even though it's been tough sometimes with her being a somewhat fussy eater. Like really, I've almost given up a couple times. But I am proud that this lady has never had formula. (not that there's anything wrong with it- this was just a personal goal of mine.) I feel like it's empowering to be her main source of nutrition. 
So let's hope we can get a good handle on her reflux issues and she can keep doing better. 

Um, I got a new camera for Christmas. Like a really nice one. So... there's a lot of pitcure taking up in here. I'm not good (like at all), but I hope to get better. And I don't have photoshop or anything, so editing is way minimal. But my camera sure is fun... and my kids are mega fun, so it's like the best thing ever to take pictures of them.

And of course I had to do a little photoshoot of my six month girl...

I like the simplicity of the lace headband. But what do you think? Does is look weird?



  1. Seriously??? WOW! I swear you were just pregnant with your first baby!!!

  2. She looks so much like Josh! really cute! and the headband... also cute!!

  3. I really like the plain lace headband. Those lace headbands are the only kind Hannah would wear.

    What kind of camera?

  4. I know, she has his dark features! Lucky girl.
    Jess, It's a canon rebel t4i. I like it. A lot. Do you have a dslr?

  5. Ahh. I love her. I wish I had seen her lately though. What the heck. Was Halloween the last time?
    I can't handle that.

    PLEASE can we get together soon?

  6. I have a T2i. I am not so awesome with it. Yet.