Saturday, February 25, 2012


Yup, since Thursday I'm a full 20 weeks. And yup, it's cliche to say but it's going by sooooo fast.

She'll be here in no time. And we are so excited to meet her. I love that when Josh and I talk about her, she doesn't seem abstract or hard to imagine. She is already here with us inside me! And in about four months she'll be with us outside of me.

I think I've mentioned before how different this pregnancy has been compared to the first. I've been more sick and more tired (although that is highly related to being pregnant and having a one year old), but it's been mentally a lot different too. Naturally I don't think about or worry about the whole birthing thing quite as much because I've done it before. And I'm not counting the days, avidly reading pregnancy books, and checking what fruit my little fetus is comparable in size to. But it's so neat this time around, because the idea of having a child is not enigmatic. It's a lot more real. It makes it even more exciting because I know how much I love Morgan and the IMMENSE joy that he brings into my life, so to double that makes Josh and I more than thrilled.

The thing that IS hard to grasp is how my heart will be able to handle it- my heart feels ready to burst every day with the love I feel for the boy (not to mention my man!).
It will work out somehow I guess!

Me at 20 weeks:

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