Saturday, February 18, 2012

Gooby words.

The boy is growing up. I guess that won't really ever stop... but it's still crazy!
The latest excitement is his expanding vocabulary. It's now officially four words:

mama, dada, big, and hi.

It's the cutest thing eeeever!

We raise our arms up and say big and he totally copies us. He's been doing that for a few weeks but the awesome thing is now he just randomly does it and says it completely on his own. He doesn't really say the "g" but there's no mistaking what he's saying.

And just the last few days he's really perfected his "hi". He usually does it when we say it first, but sometimes he looks at us, usually when he's peeking around a corner, and says it on his own. Cuteness.

He's really too much fun.

He has had some tough days recently because of an ear infection, with a cold on top of that, but he's like 90% better now and back to his crazy fun self.

Here's the guy looking at books at the library a couple weeks ago- (because who does't like pictures of a cute little raccoon boy?)

today Joshie and I went on a little date. We havent been out without the boy for a couple months so it was really nice. We had purchased a shotgun a little while ago so we went to the shooting range with a couple friends to shoot the thing. It was aaawsesome. We like guns now... it's weird I know. I'm really glad we went though because I have no idea what I'm doing or how to have a good stance. Evidence: my bicep is sore from the kickback. Pretty sure that's not supposed to happen... oops.

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