Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Prego Report

Heeeey. You know how it's almost May? Then it will be June... then July...?! Crazy stuff, man. Especially because I'll be having a BABY in July. Maybe even June, who knows.
My official due date is July 12th. And it's coming right up.

So how is the pregnancy going, you ask? Well it sure is exciting. Josh and I really do already love the girl. She seems crazy strong- I don't remember goobs being so strong so early on. It seems like a month ago she just discovered what kicking and punching REALLY mean and she's made me yelp out in pain various times. I had an appointment yesterday and all is well- bp, heartbeat, measurements- all great.

Soooo other than it being amazing, it's been really hard...
I have the best, most loving husband a girl could possibly dream of, and the funnest, smartest little boy in the world who fills my heart with joy every day. Seriously, there is NOTHING like watching a little one understand more and more about the world around them and be able to teach them and nourish a loving relationship. There is nothing like a little one walking up to you and give you a hug and a kiss. I seriously love the affectionate little goobs emerging.

So besides being exciting and great, the pregnancy has been getting pretty frustrating for me. The most frustrating thing is the severe pain I have going on. It officially hurts to walk all the time now. I have very loose, stretched out ligaments causing my pubic bone to be loose. It's called symphysis pubis dysfunction (TMI?). Lifting up one leg and putting it back down- to put on pants or step in the tub- is insanely painful. Lifting as I'm bent over, like helping goobs down stairs, is something that I just can't do. So it's been rough! The house is messy more often than not, and I'm so behind on all these projects I wanted to do. I just can't do much and it's tough. I know I should just rest it up all the time but it really does get old fast. After sitting for awhile I look around and see all there is to do, so I usually push through the pain and do a few things and then feel pretty sore. It's a vicious cycle.

The doctor said I need to get one of those belly support belts. I pretty much have to get on that like now.

So yeah, that's what's going on.

I'll try to post a belly pic soon.. I'm getting pretty huge.

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  1. oh, dear. i sure know the story of the pubis symphasis dysfunction. ugh. so sorry. hang in there! i can't wait to see another cute kid made by you :)