Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mr. Funny Guy

Our little goob has turned into ham #1.

He has such a great sense of humor. He absolutely gets that he's being funny and knows how to make you laugh.

There is NO way I can totally capture his hilarity.

But here is just the teeniest tiniest bit of proof of how funny he is.

Kamikaze goobs- 

The boy is crazy. He also does this with bowls and anything else that can go over his head.  

Dancing goobs- 

Ok, so this isn't the best dance video- he gets way more into sometimes. Just a little taste. 

Chillin' in the drawer goobs-

I know this one isn't toooo crazy but it makes me laugh. What a little cutie. 

He just gets so crazy wild sometimes these days. He loves to yell and yell for no reason, while crazily flapping his arms. 
He loves to play it cool when he falls down and just lay on the ground for a minute, smiling. 
He loves to climb up on the armchair and sit like a big boy-- he's such a climber now!

I feel like some of these things are "normal" toddler things and some of them aren't, ha... I think we'll have a really goofy guy on our hands. We already do!

I'm SO grateful to have two guys in my life who make me laugh (hard) every single day. 

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