Thursday, May 2, 2013

the fetus.

This is just going to be a quick little prego update. Maybe boring, but I have some great news! Read on.

I had an appointment on Monday. Josh had to work the Saturday before so he didn't have to go in on Monday, which was the best! It was a whole family outing. Love it. We got to hear the little heartbeat on the doppler thingy, which was great since I was only 10 weeks! Strong little one.
Everything went just fine and dandy.
The news I was anxious to hear about was my antigen levels. Last pregnancy I had an antigen in my blood that was a potential threat to the baby if the levels got high- which they never did, thank goodness. I had to get my blood drawn every month which was kind of traumatizing for me. I'm THE biggest wuss about needles.
I had read that it often gets a little worse with each pregnancy so I was nervous about it. I had my blood drawn to test for it at my last appointment. We asked the doctor what the results were aaaaanddddd....
it's all gone!! No antigens at all detected. Happy day!

So that was the greatest news.

This little one is going to be special, you guys. Josh and I feel very strongly about that.

As for how I'm feeling... I'm doing aight. Booty tired, but what momma isn't? I'm not too nauseas which is great. Usually only when I get hungry. The main thing I have going on is horrible indigestion  My tummy is angry at me so much of the time! Even when I'm eating good stuff. I don't get it. I guess I'll keep popping the tums. I don't even know if they help.

So that's that!

P.S. These past few days have been ca-razy. I'm potting training Morgan and it's definitely an adventure. Not ready to write about the craziness but hopefully I will be soon!


  1. Cool, thats nice. How old are you kiddos? Man they are all going to be so close in age!

  2. They're each going to be 17 months apart- I know we're kinda crazy! Morgan is 2, Pearl is 10 months. It's kinda madness but it's good times.