Friday, May 24, 2013

Morgan: Tribute

My heart is so full. Bursting full. The kind of full that makes life, at this moment, seem so, so meaningful and almost sacred. Life is those things at all times but sometimes your heart just tries to take it all in.

I just want to tell my oldest child how much I love him. So here goes.

Dear Morgan,
      I got to rock you to sleep just a little bit ago. That doesn't seem like a big deal. But at almost 2 and a half, it is. I am overcome with love for you. You are such a special boy. I was thinking about how much your daddy and I expect of you, and how much you learn every day. I was reminded as I was holding you what a short time you've been on Earth. Two years! That's just not much. You are still so much a baby, but you are even more a little boy now. That doesn't seem to make sense but you are. To think that God entrusted me with you is both empowering and humbling. It's my calling in life to teach you, to nurture you, and love you. To help you be confident and kind. What a task. I feel like the learning opportunities are just endless at this time in your life. It's exhausting for both of us but so worth it. But I hope learning opportunities never stop and that I can be there for as many of them as possible. You are only on the brink of boyhood but I see the beginnings of truly amazing man.

I've loved you since you were smaller than a speck and I'll love you forever.

Love, your mama

How can so much happen in two years?


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