Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Just a lil' lady update.

My lovely little lady turned 9 months a week ago.

I kinda cheated and threw in her nine month picture with the Easter photo shoot we did, since it happened to be when she was nine months to the day.

The girl is a doll. I don't know how I refrain from eating her right up, I really don't.
She has happy sweet eyes and a complete personality to match.

Just FYI- I'm the worst at getting her to smile and taking a picture at the same time! And lots of her smiles involve a complete spazzing out with her whole body so it always turns out blurry...

I'm head over heels for her. She's just a baby but I feel like we're best friends. I know her the best out of anyone. And I know I'm her favorite person ever. (Sorry daddy!)
She loves laughing at Morgan and army crawling around our whole place. She's gotten pretty quick and always goes for the cords to the tv and our computers.

Her nine month appointment went well- she's lookin' good. Still the little thing she's always been but her percentiles have increased some. She's about in the 20th for everything, so she's super proportional I guess... I feel like a weird mom saying that... but it's a fun fact! If you ever are in the need to know some Pearly trivia. And I enjoyed that because Morgan has always had a huge noggin'.

I just love her, and that's all I'm really trying to say here. She is such a delight and a blessing.

Also, umm, her next appoint is for when she'll be ONE. What the...?!


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