Sunday, February 3, 2013

Obligatory Birthday Post.

Morgie's birthday was a total blast. Mostly because he is the funnest/smartest/cutest/greatest boy alive...  but also because of all the great family and friends who came to support and celebrate.

The boy is obsessed with cars. I don't think I can begin to effectively explain how obsessed he is. You're just going to have to trust me on this one. So naturally, he love love loves the movie "Cars". If I wanted him to be excited about a birthday party this theme was a must. But I did wonder how the heck not to make it kinda lame and uber commercialized. Luckily, there were free printables and ideas all over the place (the place = pinterest. Duh.)
I made the boy this shirt- I love how excited he got when I showed it to him. He grabbed it and put it on his head and was saying "put it on!".


I think I like how the little favors I made turned out. They are some red, yellow, and green play dough- think traffic lights. Homemade play dough is the best. Morgan loves the stuff. THIS recipe is super great. I used baby food containers to put the three little balls of play dough in.

The tags for the food were really fun, even though only people who have seen the movie cars wouldn't really get all of them... oh well.
We had "dipsticks" (litt'l smokies), "Fillmore's garden" (fruit and veggies), a "fueling station" (punch, water), "spare tires" (chocolate doughnuts), and "Mater's taters" (potato chips). I totally failed getting pictures of most of the labels, but whatevs. Then the cake- I kept that super simple.


Josh drew a snazzy car on some posterboard and we played a little "pin the license plate on the car". I'm glad people humored me! It was a lot of fun. Who doesn't like watching other people look foolish?
Probs should have taken a picture with all the
                                         license plates on it.

It was such a fun group of friends. Morgan is one lucky guy to have such great people in his life. I like that there were a lot of kids around his age, give or take a year or so. My friends' littles are so cute and so fun! Even Pearly found a buddy. 

He had such a good time. People are way to good to us. 




I even got to have my parents here from Washington which made it infinitely more awesome, and exponentially easier on me, because they always know just what to do to help out. You gotta love people like that. They are just as good, loving, and supportive as they come. I'm a lucky girl and Morgan is a MEGA lucky boy to have grandparents like that.

Let me end by saying I love this boy like CRAZY. I'm in total awe of him every single day.

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