Saturday, February 16, 2013

love/hate relationship

I just want to put out there that I have this crazy love/hate relationship with blogging.

I do it because I want to keep family and friends who I don't see or talk to enough informed, and also because I sincerely enjoy it. It's fun to write down what's going on in my life, and thoughts I have. Just to put them in words. Definitely an outlet of sorts. Since I enjoy it so much I've kinda been wondering if I should do more with it. Not that I'm good at it or anything, or that I would ever have a lot, or even like, 30, followers. But I just feel like there are so many things as a blogger I DON'T want to be. I don't want to be the dime a dozen mommy blog. But like I mentioned before, I think part of my aversion to this scene is living in Utah. Because I perfectly fit the mold of those way typical mommy blogs... I DO like to get a little crafty sometimes, I DO love to bake, and I DO like to cook, and I AM obsessed with my kids and looove to talk about them and parenting in general. So it's like I AM all those things that are in the blogs I'm sick of. I just don't want to be in a mold.
And I don't ever want to seem like my life is perfectly put together- like so many blogs do. You bet I'm a dang happy woman and I feel blessed beyond comprehension, but my life sure isn't perfectly polished. No sir.

I think if I wanted to be more into the blogging thing I need to maybe find something I'm passionate about, and that I can make my own. I mean, it's my family for sure- my kids are totally my calling in life. But I think I could have a specific focus in the future. Like... homeschooling. I'm really excited about that.

For now it will remain mostly family happenings, with some of my perspectives on life now and again.

Anyways, I just wanted to express my blogging identity crises. What do you other peeps out there think?

P.S. I probably sound super judgmental about mommy bloggers. I do appreciate the merit of sharing ideas and advice in parenting, "DIY"ing, cooking,  and all that good stuff. I've learned some great stuff from you guys. 

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